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16 terms

terms for scince class may 10

Dew Point
The temperature that which the air has to be cooled to reach saturation
Reletive Humidity
The ration of the air's water-vapor content to its water-vapor capacity
Condesation Nuclei
Tiny bits of particulate matter that serve as surfaces on which water vapor condenses
One of three basic cloud forms; one of the three cloud types; thin delicate ice crystal clouds.
One of three basic could forms; billowy individual cloud masses that often have flat bases
One of three basic cloud forms; sheets or layers that couver much or all of the sky
Air Mass
A large body of air that is characterized by similar temperatures and amounts of moisture at any given altitude
The boundary between two adjoining air masses having constrasting characteristics
Warm Front
A front along which a warm air mass overrides a retreating mass of cooler air.
Cold Front
a front along a cold air mass thrusts beneath a warmer air mass
Stationary Front
a situation in which the surface posisiton of a front does not move
Occluded Front
a front formed when a cold front overtakes a warm fornt; it marks the beginning of the end of a middle-latitude cyclone
a strom produced by a cumulonimbus cloud and always accompanied by ligtining and thunder. Short but strong
Small, very intense cyclonic storm with exeedingly high winds, most ofter produced alond cold fronts and severe thunderstorms.
a dark cloud of great vertical extent charged with electricity
Supercell Thunderstorm
large, rotating single-cell thunderstorm, can cause tornadoes, large hail, frequent lightning, heavy rain, strong winds