SJJ - Sophomore Theology 2.5

Actual Grace
The supernatural, free, and undeserved help from God is given in specific circumstances to help choose the good and avoid evil.
The teachings of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount about the meaning and way to true happiness.
Christian Discipleship
Being a follower of Christ, which involves a conversion of heart and a life centered on Christ.
Common Priesthood of the Faithful
The participation in the priesthood of Christ shared by all the faithful through Baptism.
The inner voice of a human being.
The free and undeserved gift of God to respond to one's vocation to become his adopted son or daughter.
Principally an attribute of God describing his complete separation from the sphere of the profane; a perfection of charity.
The faithful who are not in Holy Orders or the consecrated life.
Law of Christ
An interior law that stems from grace--in connection with the Christian life--and becomes a norm or impulse for imitation of Jesus.
Ministerial Priesthood
Those members of the Church who have received Holy Orders.
Natural Law
The objective order established by God that determines the requirements for people to thrive and reach fulfillment.
Precepts of the Church
Duties required by the Catholic Church of her members in order to ensure a certain minimum in their spiritual and moral lives.
A person notable for their holiness and heroic virute.
The process of being made holy.
Theological Virtues
Infused into the soul at Baptism, these enable a Christian to partake of the divine nature.
Anointing of the Sick
Administered to someone suffering from illness, old age, or near death.
Administered to incorporate a person into the Mystical Body of Christ.
Administered for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Holy Orders
Administered by laying on of hands for the continuation of the Apostolic Ministry.
Administered for the participation in the Paschal Mystery of Christ.
Administered for an intimate union of life and love.
Administered for the forgiveness of sins.
Contemplative Prayer
A form of prayer in which mind and heart focus on God's greatness and goodness in loving adoration.
Corporal Works of Mercy
Charitable actions that assist a neighbor in bodily necessities.
ex opere operato
If the faithful are properly disposed, they will receive grace through the sacraments regardless of the personal sanctity of the person conferring the sacrament.
conversio morem
Daily conversion or conversion of way of life.
lectio divina
Reading and meditating on Scripture.
Meditative Prayer
A form of prayer in which one tries to understand God's Revelation.
Spiritual Works of Mercy
Charitable actions that assista neighbor in their spiritual necessities.
A term designating the unique change of the entire substance of the Eucharist from bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ.
Vocal Prayer
A form of prayer in which the mind, heart, and mouth combine to give thanks, adoration, petition, or contrition to God.
Sanctifying Grace
Grace that comes to us through the sacraments.