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ba - (expression to indicate suggestion)

bà - dad

bā - eight


chī - to eat

dà - big

de - (a possessive particle used after pronoun/noun)

dì - Younger Brother

diǎn- drop, dot, point

dōu - all

duì - right, correct

duō - many

ér- son

èr - two

fàn - meal, cooked rice

gè - (a common measure word which can be used for people)

gē - elder brother

guó - country

hàn - China, name of a dynasty

hào - date;number

hǎo - good

hé and (only used to connect 2 nouns or noun phrases)

hěn - very

jǐ - how many (for number less than 10)

jiā- family; home

jiàn - to see, to meet

jiào - to be called, to call

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