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golden age

Era of cultural progress in Greece in the 400s B.C.


1. Hill or mountain in Greece that included a fort as well as temples and other public buildings. 2. (Acropolis) A high hill that marked the center of ancient Athens.


White marble temple built in ancient Athens in honor of Athena.


sculpted the famous figure The Discus Thrower


created the statues of Athena that decorated the Acropolis and the Parthenon


lived about 100 years after Phidias; made large, formal works appropriate for the gods


Study of basic questions of reality and human existence.


Government ruled by an upper class.


Plays containing action or dialogue and usually involving conflict and emotion.


Forms of Greek drama in which the main character struggles against fate or events.


wealthy young aristocrat and one of the greatest of Socrates' students


one of plato's students; founded his own schoo in 335 B.C.


was a philosopher who believed that everything could be explained in terms of mathematics


lived between about 460 B.C. and about 377 B.C., is considered to be the founder of medical science


the first historian of the Western world. Herodotus traveled to Babylonia, Phoenicia, and Egypt


writer of tragedies who defended many traditional Greek values


was more of a realist than Aeschylus or Sophocles; he questioned many old beliefs and ideas


was known for his sharp wit


Socrates. One of the most important thinkers of the new era was an Athenian, Socrates (SAHK·ruh·teez). He taught that education was the key to personal growth. Socrates did not use memorization as a teaching tool. he insisted that students be trained to think for themselves.

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