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Chapter 7 (Central America and the Caribbean) from People, Place, and Change


organizations owned by and operated for their members

calypso and reggae

types of Caribbean music


Cuba's capital and largest city


mixes traditional African religions with Catholicism

civil war

conflict between two or more groups within a country

Costa Rica

Central American country with a long history of democratic, stable governments


small tree on which the cocoa bean grows


aluminum ore found in large reserves in Jamaica

Greater Antilles

Four large islands in the Caribbean archipelago


Tropical storms that bring heavy rain, high seas, and violent winds


many of these left Haiti and Cuba for the United States


Since 1959 Cuba has supported these movements that attempt to overthrow other governments


Mangoes, rice, yams, and okra are popular in the


After it gained independence in 1981, British Honduras changed its name to this

civil wars

Both El Salvador and Nicaragua are rebuilding after lenthy _________


controlled much of Central America from the 1500s until 1821


Largest ethnic group in Central America

Cloud forests

High-elevation, very wet tropical forests that contain a wide variety of plants and animals


the most important industry in the Caribbean

humid tropical

The Caribbean islands have tropical savanna and _________ climates.

commonwealth of the United States

The island of Puerto Rico is a __________________

Roman Catholic

The religion of most people in Central America


The country with the smallest population in Central America

West Indies

Christopher Columbus named the Caribbean islands


Has a poor relationship with the US

ice storms

Central America and the Caribbean do not have this weather problem

an archipelago

Central America is located on _________________


the largest country in Central America


Of the following, this is not a Caribbean island: Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, or Cuba


Of the following, which is not an important crop in the Caribbean: sugarcane, coffee, corn or bananas?


a group of islands


The most populous country in Central America. Almost half of its people are Indians.


It is the poorest country in the Americas. It has many people living there.


Since the early 1960's the US government has banned trade with this country. US citizens are not allowed to travel there.


The Sandinistas overthrew this country's dictator and then ruled the country for many years. Today the country is a democracy.


This country controls a canal that links the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Fidel Castro

leader of Cuba


a person who rules a country with complete authority


type of banana used in cooking


person who takes part in irregular warfare, such as raids

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