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EAP 602 Parts of a Paragraph

Parts of a Paragraph

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a group of sentences about a specific topic or main idea
ONE main idea
Every paragraph is about ONE main idea.
MAIN idea
the principal idea of the paragraph; the most important idea of the paragraph
topic sentence
the sentence that tells the main idea of the paragraph; it is usually the first sentence of the paragraph. This sentence is general.
supporting sentences
sentences that give more details about the main idea of a paragraph; these sentences are specific.
concluding sentence
the closing sentence of the paragraph; it restates the topic sentence or summarizes the main idea of the paragraph; this sentence is general.
written marks used to separate words in a sentence (for example, comma) or to end a sentence (for example, period, question mark, or exclamation point)
capital letter
the first letter of each sentence must be a capital or LARGE letter
to move in 5 spaces on the first sentence of each paragraph using the TAB key
TAB key
This is a key in the upper left corner of your keyboard that will indent a line of text 5 spaces. Use this for a new paragraph

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