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USMLE pharm use

Meningitis in baby. Drugs and coverage?
Ceftriaxone (cover Strep pneumo! and GN's)
Ampicillin (for Listeria! and GBS?)
Use of Cilostazol?
platelet aggregation and direct arterial Dilator. Tx of intermittent claudication (peripheral arterial dz)
Use of Argatroban
tx HIT
Tx of ST elevation MI
pulm embolism
acute ischemic stroke
Cilostazol vs Aspirin
Cilostazol has better anti-platelet aggregation and direct vasoD properties than Aspirin
Thiazide SE's
Uricemia --gouty arthritis
Calcemia --tx nephrolithiasis
Glycemia --bad for diabetics
Lipidemia --inc Cholesterol and LDL; bad for htn

Kalemia --like most diuretics
Hypotension by vol and vasoD
Tx of idiopathic hirsuitism
Flutamide (inh Te receptors)
Finasteride (inh 5a-reductase)
Drug induced Lupus
SHIPP (Sulfonamide, Hydralazine, Isoniazid, Procainamide, Phenytoin)
also, Minocycline, Quinidine
*anti-histone Ab
Uses of Fenoldopam
hypertensive emergencies (art dilation)
okay for renal! (vs nitroprusside CN tox)
Uses of Primidone; blood findings
metabolized to phenobarbital and PEMA (phenylethylmalonamide) (also anticonvulsants)
Co infection of Neisseria and Chlamydia tx
Ceftriaxone (gonorrhea) & Azithromycin (chalmydia)
Tachyphylaxis is what? with what?
Sudden ineffectiveness of a drug with prolonged use.
Decongestants --decreased NE release; rebound congestion with prolonged (>3d) use.
Nitroglycerine --decreased NO release; (rebound inc in LV vol?)
What class is Streptomycin?
aminoglycosides (so 30S ribosome)