13 terms

History Quiz 8.2 Study Guide M

Executive Branch
The government branch that enforces laws.
Constitutional Convention
Rhode Island rejected Alexander Hamilton's call for this.
New Jersey Plan
Proposed by the small states as the framework for the national government.
Virginia Plan
Proposed by the large states as the framework for the national government.
Three-Fifths Compromise
This decided how slaves would be counted in determining a state's population.
Legislative Branch
This government branch makes the laws.
The Great Compromise
Delegates agreed upon a plan to form a two house national legislature.
James Madison
This person documented the proceedings of the convention.
George Washington
This person was selected to lead the convention.
Checks and Balances
The ability of each branch of the government to watch over the other branches.
Founding Fathers
The 55 men who attended the convention.
Judicial Branch
This government branch interprets the laws.
Know two major conflicts of the convention and how they were solved.
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