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planning, analysis, design, implementation, support

In sequence, most system development life cycles contain five phases: ____.


An IT ____ is a professional who is hired based on expertise in a specialized area of computers, including service and advice.

acceptance test

____ is performed by end-users and verifies that the new system works with actual data


One member of the project team is the project ____, who manages and controls the budget and schedule of the project.

request for information (RFI)

A ____ is a less formal method that uses a standard form to request information about a product or service.


Scope ____ occurs when one activity in a project has led to another that was not originally planned; thus, the scope of the project has grown.

input and output design

During ____, a systems analyst carefully designs every menu, screen, and report specified in the requirements.


An important responsibility of a ____ is to develop a computer security plan.


A(n) ____ test measures the performance of hardware or software.

turnkey solutions

Some VARs (value-added resellers) provide complete systems, also known as ____

performance monitoring

The purpose of ____ is to determine whether a system is inefficient at any point.


A(n) ____ is a company that purchases products from manufacturers and then resells these products to the public — offering additional services with the product.


____ are sets of rules and procedures a company expects employees to accept and follow


A(n) ____ is a publication available on the Web.

operation, support, and security phase

The purpose of the ____ is to provide ongoing assistance for an information system and its users after the system is implemented


A computer ____ plan summarizes in writing all the safeguards that are in place to protect a company's information assets


____ maintenance is the process of including new features or capabilities in an information system


____ include anyone for whom an information system is being built.

Structured English

____ is a style of writing that systems analysts use to describe the steps in a process


Like a decision table, a decision ____ shows conditions and actions in a process, but it shows them graphically


Project leaders should have good change ____ skills so they can recognize when a change in the project has occurred, take actions to react to the change, and plan for opportunities because of the change.


A(n) ____ is a set of components that interact to achieve a common goal.


An Internet ____ provider is a company that provides Web hosting services that include managing shopping carts, inventory, and credit card processing.


In large companies, users write a formal request for a new or modified information system, which is called a(n) ____ request.


System development life cycles often group many activities into larger categories called ____.

systems test

_______ verifies that all programs in an application work together properly

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