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What does the prefix "in,im" mean?


What does the suffix "cian" mean?

Having a certain skill

What does the root "cosm" mean?


What does the root "lit,liter" mean?


What does the root "mar,mari" mean?

Sea, pool

In the sentence "Many students work on the star, our school newspaper." What is part of speech is "Many"?


What do you called a word that looks like a verb but functions as a noun and always ends in 'ing' ?


If a sentence contains two independent clauses which type of sentence is it?


And-But-Or-Yet, are all what type of conjunction?


In the sentence "In order to get an A on Mrs.Simons exam, I must study hard." What is "to get"?

Infinitive Phrase

In the novel Lord of the Flies what does Piggy represent?


The pattern /u is called?


How many lines must a poem contain to be considered a sonnet?


The line "The girl's love of sweets was her Achilles heel" contains which figurative device?


Who wrote The Passionate Shepard?


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