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Ruth Ozmun

About _____% of all deaths in the United States are attributable to cardiovascular disease.


According to the risk analysis, _____ seems to be the largest predictor for developing coronary heart disease.

abnormal cholesterol profile

An abnormal cholesterol profile contributes directly to:


An increased risk for CHD has been established in people with low levels of:

HDL cholesterol

Homocysteine is:

elevated when B vitamins are low

Type 2 diabetes is:

associated with obesity

Essential hypertension is:

treatable with exercise and diet modification

Cancer results from:

cell control problems

The major contributor to the increased incidence of cancer during the last five decades is_____ cancer.


Cancer is the _______ cause of death for children (1-14) in the United States.


Tobacco use is responsible for an estimated ______ % of all cancer deaths.


An estimated 1 of every _____ men and 1 of every ____ women in the United States will develop cancer.


Currently, _____ of every 10 people diagnosed with cancer are expected to be alive five years after the initial diagnosis.


Phytonutrients are thought to:

prevent carcinogens from binding to DNA

women who walk 3-5 times a week have a _____% lower risk for breast cancer than those who do not walk


As much as ____% of melanoma-related deaths are estimated to be preventable by simple skin self-exam


When stress levels reach mental, emotional, and physiological limits:

diseases may develop

Greater risk for disease has been found in Type ____ individuals, who display anger and hostility


Learning to control stress-related body processes not normally under control is called:


____ biofeedback is treating essential hypertension

Progressive muscle relaxation is just as effective as___

Breathing exercises to reduce stress do not include:

rapid breathing

Visual imagery:

uses relaxing visual images.

Meditation requires:

about 15 minutes each session.

The purpose of mediation is not to:

concentrate on the time left in the session.

Yoga exercises have not been successful at treating:


A chemical compound that forms during the burning of tobacco leaves.


A greater effect of two or more drugs because they are mixed together.

Synergistic Action

A hallucinogenic drug also known as Ecstasy.


A neurotransmitter that affects emotional, mental, and motor functions.


Compulsive and uncontrollable behavior


Disease of the heart muscle


General apathy and loss of interest in the future

Amotivational Syndrome

Loss of control over drinking alcoholic beverages


Often causes gingivitis and periodontitis

Smokeless tobacco

Where oxygen is added to the blood


Inappropriate use of a drug resulting in physical consequences is called drug:


The most widely used illegal drug in the United States is:


Long-term alcohol use does not lead to greater risk for:

lung cancer

The first major report presenting scientific evidence that cigarettes were a major health hazard was released in:


a reckless professional could transmit HIV this way


a weakening of the ability to fight disease


Can be successfully treated with antibiotics


Cannot be successfully treated with antibiotics


Chlamydia is the most common one.


Contains HIV but rarely thought to transmit HIV


Means it can be transmitted with direct or indirect contact


Not truly an STI, but rather complications from two possible STIs.


Sexually transmitted infections are classified as such in the United States.


The only detection of an HIV infection

Antibody test


can damage the reproductive system.

The final stage of HIV infection is the only time you:

are considered to have AIDS

HIV is thought to be transmitted by sharing ______ with an infected person.

open wound fluid

Sexually transmitted infections will be successfully avoided when:

there is no sexual contact.

80 and 73 years, respectively, for women and men

Life Expectancy

A habit based on healthy practices and behavior

Positive Addiction

A way to increase life expectancy

Not sunbathing

A way to reduce life expectancy


An improved ability when a 20-year-old becomes more active

Positive Addiction

Established under the NIH to explore alternative medicine


Living with enough physical capacity even near the end of the lifetime

Functional Capacity

Loss of function, not only based on the passing of time.


Not widely taught in medical schools or practiced in hospitals

Unconventional medicine

Sets standards for fitness facilities and offers personal training certification


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