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  1. plasma
  2. what happens to the atoms of a molecule that undergo a chemical reaction t
  3. name two situations in which distance determination can help criminilistics determine what happened at the shooting incident t
  4. Name three reasons why alternate light sources have replaced laser for visualzing prints.
  5. loop t
  1. a Suicide
    Self Defense Murder
  2. b they rearrange themselves
  3. c a class of fingerprints characterized by ridge lines that enter from one side of the pattern and curve around to exit from the same side of the pattern.
  4. d a. they are portable
    b. commercial lights are cheaper
    c. you can select the wavelengths or light
  5. e the fluid portion of unclotted blood

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  1. ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate)
  2. impressing of the inner surface of a gun barrel withspiral grooves.
  3. the decomposition of solid orgainic matter by heat
  4. d antigen
  5. Conduction is the movement of heat through solid objects, convention is the movement of heat through a liquid or a gas.

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  1. safety fuse tan interior constriction placed at or near the muzzle end of a shotguns' barrel to control shot dispersion


  2. secondary explosive ta high explosive that is relatively insensitive to heat, shock or friction.


  3. enzymebiological catalyst


  4. ninhydrin ta chemical reagent used to develop latent fingerprints on porous materials by reacting with amino acids in sweat.


  5. flammable range tthe entire area of possible gas or vapor fuel that are capable of burning


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