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  1. flammable range t
  2. What is the difference between convention and conduction?
  3. platelets
  4. visible print t
  5. List two types of military explosives t
  1. a the entire area of possible gas or vapor fuel that are capable of burning
  2. b Conduction is the movement of heat through solid objects, convention is the movement of heat through a liquid or a gas.
  3. c TNT, RDX(C-4), Dynamite
  4. d cause the blood to clot
  5. e fingerprint made in ink, or blood onto a surface

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  1. normally a mixture of nitrate, carbon and sulfur (used in guns)
  2. a class of fingerprints characterized by ridge lines that enter from one side of the pattern and curve around to exit from the same side of the pattern.
  3. a verbal description of a perpetrator's physical characteristic and dress provided by a eyewitness.
  4. a. they are portable
    b. commercial lights are cheaper
    c. you can select the wavelengths or light
  5. Loops

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  1. ridgeologyThe study of ridge characteristics


  2. kastle meyer testblood mixed with hydrogen peroxide and a reagent that will cause the blood to turn pink.


  3. List several ridge characteristicsa fingerprint made by oil and/or sweat


  4. What are the 3 fundamental principles of fingerprinting?Loops


  5. name two situations in which distance determination can help criminilistics determine what happened at the shooting incident tInfrared spectrophotometry and x ray diffraction