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  1. How is energy realeased in a chemical reaction t
  2. Why is it pointless to obscure or obliterate one's fingerprints by scarring or otherwise damaging the skin
  3. Briefly describe conduction t
  4. flammable range t
  5. What procedure has livescan largely replaced
  1. a manual ink fingerprints
  2. b the bonds are broken
  3. c the entire area of possible gas or vapor fuel that are capable of burning
  4. d the fingerprint run 1 to 2 mm beneath the skin surface
  5. e movement of heat through a solid objects such as metal

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  1. cells that form a boundary between the outer skin, or epidermis and the inner skin or dermis. Shows the fingerprint pattern.
  2. a cord containing a core of black powder, used to carry a flame at a uniform rate to an explosive charge
  3. a. Arches
    b. Loops
    c. whorls
  4. Low explosives propel or throw things while high explosives detonate violently and tend to crush or level things in its path.
  5. a high explosive that is relatively insensitive to heat, shock or friction.

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  1. kastle meyer testblood mixed with hydrogen peroxide and a reagent that will cause the blood to turn pink.


  2. What is the purpose of rifling tto increase the accuracy of the bullett


  3. What are taggants? tthe entire area of possible gas or vapor fuel that are capable of burning


  4. serumthe study of blood


  5. what three questions must the criminalist answer when testing for bloodis it blood

    from what species did the blood originate
    if the blood is human how closely can it be assosiated with a particualr individual