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  1. plasma
  2. agglutination
  3. What procedure has livescan largely replaced
  4. What are the three classes of fingerprints?
  5. visible print t
  1. a fluid portion of unclotted blood
  2. b fingerprint made in ink, or blood onto a surface
  3. c the clumping of red blood cells
  4. d a. Arches
    b. Loops
    c. whorls
  5. e manual ink fingerprints

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  1. physical traits of a gene
  2. Low explosives propel or throw things while high explosives detonate violently and tend to crush or level things in its path.
  3. Suicide
    Self Defense Murder
  4. a. Iodine Fuming
    b. Ninhydrin
    c. Physical Developer
    d. Super glue fuming
  5. a physical change from the solid to gas

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  1. What type of reactions are both fire and explosions?oxidation/combustion reactions and ar exothermic


  2. enzymebiological catalyst


  3. pyrolysis tthe decomposition of solid orgainic matter by heat


  4. primary explosive tthe decomposition of solid orgainic matter by heat


  5. How do explosions get the oxygen they need for combustion to occur?They must use an oxidation agent which is a chemical that already hs oxygen n it.