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  1. ridgeology
  2. what is the most commonly used high explosive
  3. safety fuse t
  4. Why is it pointless to obscure or obliterate one's fingerprints by scarring or otherwise damaging the skin
  5. What are taggants? t
  1. a tiny color coded chips added to explosives so that they can be traced back to the maker.
  2. b RDX
  3. c the fingerprint run 1 to 2 mm beneath the skin surface
  4. d a cord containing a core of black powder, used to carry a flame at a uniform rate to an explosive charge
  5. e The study of ridge characteristics

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  1. ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate)
  2. rapid release of oxygen with another substance
  3. a class of fingerprints characterized by ridge lines that enter the print from one side and flow out the other side.
  4. the fluid portion of unclotted blood
  5. the cut or low lying portions between the lands in a rifled bore.

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  1. endothermic reaction tcombnination of oxygen with another substance to produce a new substance


  2. What are the most common fingerprints?Arches


  3. exothermic reaction trapid oxidation reaction in which a subsonic pressure wave is generated.


  4. what physical state must a fuel be in to produce a flame tGas


  5. rifling timpressing of the inner surface of a gun barrel withspiral grooves.


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