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  1. primary explosive t
  2. List three examples of low level explosives
  3. rifling t
  4. list three chaaracteristics of a bullet hole that indicate that the shot was fired at an extemely close range t
  5. pyrolysis t
  1. a impressing of the inner surface of a gun barrel withspiral grooves.
  2. b burn marks
    tear marks
    high concentraiton of GSR
  3. c the decomposition of solid orgainic matter by heat
  4. d a high explosive that is easily detonated by heat, shock, or friction.
  5. e Black Powder, Smokeless Powder and Chlorate Mixtures

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  1. biological catalyst
  2. Loops
  3. black powder and smokles powder
  4. a cord containing a core of black powder, used to carry a flame at a uniform rate to an explosive charge
  5. a. Arches
    b. Loops
    c. whorls

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  1. what is another name for rh factorblood mixed with hydrogen peroxide and a reagent that will cause the blood to turn pink.


  2. detonation trapid oxidation reaction in whcih a supersonic pressure wave is generated.


  3. black powder tminimum temperature at which a liquid fuel procuces enough vapor to burn


  4. what is the main difference between a handgun and a shot gun ta hand gun is not rifled; shot gun bullets spread out.


  5. What type of reactions are both fire and explosions?Are produced when a bullet passes down the bore of a gun and markings are left on it form the land and grooves.