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Law of Real Estate Agency Pamphlet


Lead Paint Hazards Pamphlet


Mold, Moisture, and Your Home


Short Sale Seller Advisory

Form 1

Residential LIP Sheet

Form 1A

Excl. Sale and Listing Agreement

Form 1B

Excl. Agency Sale/Listing Agreement

Form 1R

Right of First Refusal Addendum to Listing Agreement

Form 2

Letter of Authorization

Form 3

Manufactured Home LIP Sheet

Form 5

Vacant Land LIP Sheet

Form 7A

Listing Firm Present For Showing

Form 7B

Seller's Information Undisclosed

Form 7C

Presentation of Offers to Listing Firm

Form 7D

Presentation of Offers on a Future Date

Form 7E

Selling Firm's Share of Commission

Form 7F

Variable Selling Office Commission

Form 7G

Third Party Fee

Form 7H

Pre-Approval by an Identified Lender

Form 8

Farm and Ranch LIP Sheet

Form 9

Timeshare LIP Sheet

Form 10

Condominium LIP Sheet

Form 11

Referral Agreement

Form 12

New Construction Notice of Sale

Form 14

Commercial/Industrial LIP Sheet

Form 15

Multi-Family LIP Sheet

Form 16

Business Opportunity LIP Sheet

Form 16A

Business Opportunity Excl. Sale & Listing Agr.

Form 16B

Business Opportunity Excl. Agency Listing Agr.

Form 17

Seller Disclosure Statement - Improved Property

Form 17C

Seller Disclosure Statement - Unimproved Property

Form 17

Comm Seller Disclosure Statement - Commercial Property

Form 18

Amendment to Excl. Sale/Listing Agr.

Form 19

Status Change Input Sheet

Form 20

Multi-Family Purchase and Sale Agr.

Form 21

Residential Purchase and Sale Agr.

Form 22A

Financing Addendum

Form 22AA

Appraisal Addendum

Form 22AR

Financing Contingency Notice

Form 22AW

Limited Waiver of Financing Contingency Addendum

Form 22B

Buyer's Sale of Property Contingency Addendum

Form 22C

Payment Terms Addendum

Form 22D

Optional Clauses Addendum

Form 22E

FIRPTA Certificate

Form 22F

For Your Protection: Get a Home Inspection

Form 22FSBO

For Sale By Owner Addendum

Form 22G

Snohomish County "Right to Farm" Discl. St.

Form 22H

Snohomish County "Right to Practice Forestry" Discl. St.

Form 22J

Disclosure of Info. on Lead-Based Paint and Hazards

Form 22K

Identification of Utilities Addendum

Form 22LA

Land and Acreage Addendum

Form 22M

Promissory Note (Fixed Rate of Interest)

Form 22N

San Juan County Tax Addendum

Form 22O

Island County Addendum

Form 22P

Skagit County "Right to Farm" Disclosure

Form 22Q

Buyer's Pending Sale of Property Contingency

Form 22R

Well Addendum

Form 22REGZ

Automatic Ext. of Closing to Accommodate Regulation Z

Form 22S

Septic Addendum

Form 22S-King

King County Septic Addendum

Form 22S-Thur

Thurston County Septic Addendum

Form 22SS

Short Sale Addendum

Form 22T

Title Contingency Addendum

Form 22U

King County Seller' Notices of OSS

Form 22UU

Kitsap County Septic Addendum

Form 22V

King County Buyer's Declaration of OSS Receipt

Form 22VV

Homeowner Insurance Addendum

Form 22W

Island County Noise Disclosure

Form 22WW

Pierce County Septic Addendum

Form 22X

Oak Harbor Noise Disclosure

Form 22XX

Kittitas County Surface Water Rights Addendum

Form 22Y

Extension of Closing Date Addendum

Form 22YY

Kittitas County Right To Farm Discl. St.

Form 22ZZ

Open Space Addendum

Form 23

Manufactured Home PSA

Form 24

Commercial/Investment PSA

Form 25

Vacant Land Purchase & Sale Agr.

Form 26

Presale Addendum (Rev. 7/10)

Form 26A

Presale Addendum - Optional Clause

Form 27

Condominium Resale Certificate

Form 28

Condominium Purchase & Sale Agr.

Form 29

Condominium New Construction/Conversion Addendum

Form 30

Business Opportunity PSA

Form 30A

Business Opportunity Real Estate Addendum

Form 31

Earnest Money Promissory Note

Form 32

Assignment of Buyer's Interest

Form 33

Cooperative Apartment Addendum

Form 34

General Addendum (Blank)

Form 35

Inspection Addendum

Form 35R

Inspection Response for Form 35

Form 35E

Escalation Addendum

Form 35F

Feasibility Contingency

Form 35N

Neighborhood Review Contingency

Form 35P

Pre-Inspection Agreement

Form 36

Counter-Offer (Addendum)

Form 36A

Withdrawal of Offer or Counteroffer

Form 37

King County On-Site Sewage System Discl.

Form 38A

Back-Up Addendum to Purchase & Sale Agreement

Form 38B

Notice to Back-Up Buyer that First Sale has Failed

Form 39

Second Buyer's Addendum

Form 40

Commission Disbursement Form

Form 41A

Buyer's Agency Agreement

Form 41B

Buyer's Agreement No Agency

Form 41C

Selling Firm's Commission

Form 41D

Inspector Referral Disclosure

Form 42

Agency Disclosure

Form 43

Reservation Agreement

Form 44

Notice to Remove Contingency ("Bump Notice")

Form 46

Notice from Contingent Buyer to Seller ("Bump Reply")

Form 48A

"MARS" Disclosure - Part 1

Form 48B

"MARS" Disclosure - Part 2

Form 50

Authorization to Disburse Earnest Money

Form 51

Rescission of Purchase and Sale Agreement

Form 52

Conditional Release of Listing

Form 63

Exclusive Lease / Rental Listing Agreement

Form 63LIP

Rental Listing Input Sheet

Form 64

Lease/Rental Status Change Form

Form 65A

Rental Agreement (Occupancy Prior to Closing)

Form 65B

Rental Agreement (After Closing)

Form 68

Lease/Rental Agreement (Residential)

Form 68A

Move-In/Move-Out Inspection Agr.

Form 68B

Pet Agreement

Form 75

Option to Buy Real Estate [Lease to Own]

Form 80

Password Non-Disclosure Agreement

Form 81

Listing Input Authorization

Form 83

Personal Information Form

Form 89

Receipt for Earnest Money

Form 90

Blank Notice

Form 90A

Notice of Rescission of Agreement Pursuant to Form 17

Form 90B

Notice of Termination of Agreement for Failure to Pay Earnest Money

Form 90C

Failure to Close-Notice of Termination by Buyer

Form 90D

Failure to Close-Notice of Termination by Seller-Seller Keep Earn. Money

Form 90E

Failure to Close-Notice of Termination by Seller-Seller to Elect Remedies

Form 90H

Buyer's Notice of Waiver of Financing Contingency

Form 90I

Buyer's Notice of Termination (Financing Unavailable)

Form 90J

Buyer's Notice of appraisal Less Than Purchase Price-Termination

Form 90K

Buyer's Contingency Property Notice

Form 90L

Buyer's Request for Seller's Consent-Contingent Sale

Form 90M

Notice of Termination Pursuant to Neighborhood Review (Form 35)

Form 90N

Notice of Termination (Disapproval of Park Rules and Regs-Form 23)

Form 90O

Notice of Termination-(Unable to Assume Lease - Form 23)

Form 90P

Notice of Termination (Feasibility Contingency Disapproval-Form 25)

Form 90Q

Notice of Termination (Public Offering Statement Disapproved-Form 28)

Form 90R

Notice of Termination (Resale Certificate Unacceptable-Form 28)

Form 90S

Seller's Notice that Title Commitment is Available

Form 90SS

Notice Pursuant to Form 22SS

Form 90T

Buyer's Notice of Termination (Homeowner Insurance is Unavailable)

Form 90U

Buyer's Pending Sale Contingency Notice

Form 91

Visa/MasterCard/Debit Card Payment Plan

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