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Superficial Face

What arteries supply the Scalp?
Occipital, Posterior Auricular, Superficial Temporal, Supraorbital, and Supratrochlear
What veins drain the face?
Primarily, Facial Vein
Describe the Venous Drainage of Facial Vein
Angular --> Facial --> Deep Facial drains Pterygoid Venous Plexus into Facial --> Internal Jugular
Describe Formation of External/Internal Jugular Vein
Superficial Temporal and Maxillary Vein = Retromandibular
Posterior Retromandibular + Posterior Auricular = External JV
Anterior Retromandibular + Facial Vein = IJV
What other veins drain the face?
Occipital, Superficial Temporal, Supraorbital, Supratrochlear, and Deep Temporal Veins
What does the skin of the scalp contain?
sweat, sebaceous glands, and hair follicles
What does the P in scalp stand for?
What is the parotid sheath derived from?
Investing Layer of Deep Cervical Fascia
Where does the Parotid Gland enter the mouth?
Across from the 2nd molar in the top of the mouth
Where is the parotid gland located?
Parotid bed between Ramus of the Mandible and Mastoid Process
What is embedded in the Parotid Gland from Superficial to Deep?
Parotid Plexus of Facial Nerve, Retromandibular Vein, and External Carotid Artery
What is the Innervation to the Parotid Gland?
Greater Auricular Nerve (C2,C3) Sensory
Auriculotemporal Nerve (CN V3) Sensory
Glossopharyngeal Nerve (CN IX) para/pre
What is the course the para/pre fibers take from the Glossopharyngeal Nerve (CN IX)?
para/pre to the Otic Ganglion --> para/post course with Auriculotemporal Nerve to Parotid Gland
Where do the Sympathetic Fibers derive from?
External Carotid Nerve Plexus
Where does Lymph Initially drain to in the Face and Scalp?
Superficial Ring
What lymph nodes are in the superficial ring?
Submental, Submandibular, Parotid, Mastoid, and Occipital
Superficial Cervical may or may not be grouped
Where does lymph from the Superficial Cervical Lymph Nodes drain?
Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes
Where are the deep cervical lymph nodes found?
Along the Internal Jugular Vein
Where does Lymph flow from the Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes?
Thoracic Duct (L) or Right Lymphatic Duct (R)
What is the general principal for lymph flow?
Superficial to Deep and Superior to Inferior
lymph from lateral face drains to?
Parotid Lymph Nodes
lymph from deep parotid lymph nodes drains to?
deep cervical lymph nodes
lymph from upper lip and lateral lower lip drains to?
submandibular lymph nodes
lymph from chin and central part of lower lip drains to?
submental lymph nodes
What is the function of the Anterior Belly of the Occipitofrontalis muscle?
Retract/Protract the Scalp and Raise the Eye Brows
What provides cutaneous sensory innervation to the face?
Trigeminal Nerve (CN 5)
What provides motor innervation to the facial msucles?
Facial Nerve (CN 7)
What provides motor innervation to the muscles of mastication?
Mandibular Nerve (CN V3)
What are the three large groups of peripheral processes off the Trigeminal Ganglion?
1. Opthalmic Nerve (V1)
2. Maxillary Nerve (V2)
3. Mandibular Nerve (V3)
What are the major branches off the Opthalmic Artery?
Lacrimal Nerve
Supraorbital Nerve
Supratrochlear Nerve
Infratrochlear Nerve
External Nasal Nerve
What are the branches of the Maxillary Nerve?
What are the major branches of the Mandibular Nerve?
Auriculotemporal (SA, para/post)
What are the major branches of the Facial Nerve (CN 7)?
Temporal Nerve
Motor Root of CN 7 contains?
Branchiomotor Fibers
Somatic Sensory Fibers
Where does the Facial Nerve exit the Cranium?
Stylomastoid Foramen
What muscles does the Fascial Nerve innervate?
auricular, fascial expression, posterior belly of the digastric muscle, and stylohyoid muscles
Where does the Facial Artery originate?
External Carotid Artery
What are the branches off the Facial Artery?
Superior Labial Artery
Inferior Labial Artery
Lateral Nasal Artery
What does the Facial Artery terminate as?
Angular Artery
Superficial Temporal Artery is a terminal branch of?
External Carotid Artery
What branches off the Superficial Temporal Artery?
Transverse Facial Artery
The Superficial Temporal and Transverse Facial supply what areas of the Face?
Temporal Region, Parotid Gland, skin of the face, and will anastomose with the facial artery