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the longest mountain range on land


the highest peak on the western hemisphere

Mount Aconcagua

the largest river basin in the world

Amazon basin

the largest rain forest in the world

Amazon rainforest

world's highest waterfall

Angel Falls


people of mixed European and Amerindian


Indian for mountains


Spanish children born in the new world

Simon Bolivar

helped win independence for the Northern Andean countries

Francisco Pizarro

landed in Peru in 1530


an empire

El Nino

when an abnormally warm current flows into the cool waters surrounding Ecuador and Peru before moving northward along the Pacific coasts of the Americas.


One of the earliest empires in the Americas

Pedro Cabral

Portuguese naval commander who discovered Brazil

Chaco War

Parugay fought against Bolivia in the 1930s



Galapagos Islands

an archipelago of volcanic islands famed for there wildlife.

Lake Maracaibo

The lake is connected to the gulf by a narrow strait


low,grassy plains in northern south America

Cuquenan Falls

South American waterfall that has the longest single drop in the world.


an important river in Northern South America


highest active volcano in the world


river in South America believed to be the main source of the Amazon River.


a high Plateau which lies between South America's Cordillera Occidental and Cordillera Oriental

Rio Parana

an important river of eastern South America

Guiana Highlands, Brazilians Highlands

mountainous South American tableland extending from eastern Venezuela to Northern Brazil.

Iquacu Falls

the convergence of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay


a port city in the Amazon Basin

Devil's Island

Political prisoners were kept here in terrible conditions.

Tierra Del Fuego

an archipelago at the southern tip of South America.


a cold wide swept plateau of the pampas


a desert area in South America


a temperate grassland in the south-central South America.

What body of water separates south america from Antarctica?


Identify the largest river in the world. How long is it ?

Nile. 4,187 miles

What factors have influenced Columbia's political history ?

Political instability, drug trafficking, guerrilla warfare

Most of Ecuador's population are descendants of what indigenous people?

Quechua Indians

which northern Andean country has an extensive fishing industry?


What is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world? Where is it located?

Lake titicaca.Peru and Bolivia Border

Which South American country has two capitals?


What South American capitol was designed to draw people into the continent's interior?

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is the world's largest producer of what agricultural crop?


Which modern South American country used to be a crown colony of the British empire?


What is the name of the southernmost location of the south American continent?

Cape Horn

Argentina has fought the United Kingdom over control of what islands?

Falkan Islands

What is the dominant religion of South America?

Roman Catholic

Santa Marta

Columbia's oldest settlement

Machi Picchu

well preserved mountain city


the ancient Inca capital

Rio de Janiro

a tourist destination in South America


oldest permanent European settlement in South America.

Sao Paulo

Brazil's largest city

Explain the importance of the line of demarcation on the development of South America?

It helped the countries to not fight over land and helped the colonies grow.

How was the Inca empire influential in the shaping the pre-Columbian culture of the Northern Andes

They helped build the civilization up and made the culture what it is

How have environmentalist attempted to make a crisis out of the Amazon rain forest

They say that it is endangered and cutting down the trees are bad.

Explain the difference between the way that the Spanish colonies earned their freedom from the way the non-Spanish colonies received their independence

The spainish colonies were liberated and the non were fought for independance

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