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Computer Review for 2nd Semester Final

___________________ is a program known as a database management system (DBMS)
faster, flexible, accurate
Some of the benefits of a computerized DBMS are (3):
store; retrieve; analyze; print
A DBMS allows you to:
a) _____________ information
b) _____________ information
c) _____________ information
d) _____________ information
A database is a collection of _______
A __________ is a complete set of data
Each record is made up of one or more ________
To delete a record from a table, select the record and then press the Delete key. After you've deleted a record, you cannot use the Undo button or press the Esc key to restore it. Deleting a record is ____________
A _________ is a question you ask the database.
A _________ is commonly used to summarize data and to calculate totals.
_______________ a database rearranges how the database is stored on the disk and optimizes the performance of the database.
The purpose of the spreadsheet is to solve problems that involve _____________
A ___________________ is a grid of rows and columns in which you enter text, numbers, and the results of calculations.
In Excel, a computerized spreadsheet is called a ____________.
____________ of the worksheet appear vertically, and are identified by letters at the top of the worksheet window.
________ appear horizontally and are identified by numbers on the left side of the worksheet window.
A ____ is the intersection of a row and column.
A _____________ is an equation that calculates a new value from values currently in a worksheet, such as adding the numbers in cell A1 and A2.
The file used to store worksheets is called a _________
a) calculating a budget
b) calculating grades
c) payments for a loan
Spreadsheets have many uses. A few examples are (3):
name box; active cell; column letter; row number
Excel has some of the same basic parts as the other Office programs, but also has some additional buttons and parts. Name 4 of the additional buttons and parts of Excel.
numbers; text; formulas
Worksheet cells can contain (3):
print preview
Before you use the resources to print a worksheet, you should use ________ __________ to see how the printed pages will look.
___________ determines the best width for a column or the best height for a row based on its contents.
Text that is too long to fit within a cell is displayed in the next cell, if it is empty. If the next cell already contains data, any text that does not fit in the cell is ____________, or hidden from view.
A group of selected cells is called a _________.
live preview
As you format cells, ______ ___________ shows the results of the different formatting options you can choose.
The default ______ color of cells is white, but you can change this background color to help accentuate certain cells, such as descriptive labels or totals.
You can add emphasis to a cell by placing a _________ around its edges.
black cross
When you place the pointer over the fill handle, it changes to a _________ __________.
fill handle
The ______ __________ appears in the lower-right corner of the active cell or range.
number signs
Numbers that do not fit in the cell are shown as a series of __________ ________.
A command that you use by turning a feature on or off is known as a _________ command.
When working on a document, you will sometimes delete text accidentally or change your mind about editing or formatting changes that you made. The ________ command is useful in these situations because it reverses recent actions.
Worksheet formulas consist of two components: ___________ and operators.
__________ cell references do not change when copied or moved to a new cell.
A ________ cell reference adjusts to its new location when copied or moved.
Cell references that contain both relative and absolute references are called _________ cell references.
A __________ is a collection of objects. The objects work together to store, retrieve, display, and summarize data and also to automate tasks.
In a database, each record is made up of one or more __________.
record selector
A _________ ___________ appears to the left of the first field for each record in the database.
A _________ is a database object that lets you ask the database about the data is contains.
A _______ temporarily displays records in a datasheet based on the condition that you specify.
The Slides tab and the Outline tab contain _______________ or small images of the selected slide that you are working on.
_______________ is text, objects, graphics, or pictures that have motion in a PowerPoint presentation.
_______________ refers to the way each new slide appears on the screen during a PowerPoint presentation.
slide pane
The ________ _________ is the workbench for PowerPoint presentations. It displays one slide at a time and is useful for adding and editing text, inserting and formatting illustrations or objects, or generally modifying a slide's appearance.
A _________ is a symbol that is designed to help customers remember a business and its products.
MS Publisher
___________________ is a desktop publishing program that lets you create newsletters, greeting cards, business cards, calendars, and much more.
__________ are any items that can be modified in Publisher using the provided tools and features.
content library
The ________ __________ is a task pane used for storing text and graphics for future use.
What is the file extension for Excel?
What is the file extension for PowerPoint?
What is the file extension for Publisher?