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When the play opens, Romeo is in love with

Wants to see Rosaline

Romeo agrees to go the Capulet's party because he


Through his actions, we see that Tybalt's nature is to

Why are you Romeo

When Juliet says, "Wherefore art thou Romeo" she is saying

A few hours

Romeo and Juliet agree to marry after knowing each other for


__________ agrees to perform Romeo and Juliet's marriage in the hope that it will will stop the feud between the Montague and Capulets

Tybalt stabs Mercutio

When Romeo interferes in the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio

Stabbed by Tybalt and is about to die

When Mercutio says, "A plague on both your houses," he has just been

At first thinks Romeo has been killed

When the Nurse brings news of Tyblat's death, Juliet

The death of Tybalt

According to Lord Capulet, Juliet weeps all the time because of

The Friar advised her to pretend that she agrees

Juliet finally agrees to marry Paris because

Waking up alone in the tomb

As Juliet prepares to drink the potion, her main thoughts are about

Romeo kills Paris and then poisons himself

Minutes before Juliet awakens,

The letter doesn't get delivered to Romeo

Friar Lawrence's plans fail because

Has come to damage the dead bodies or the tomb

Paris attacks Romeo at the tomb because Paris believes Romeo

By stabbing herself

Juliet, the last of the major characters to die on stage, dies

The foolishness of their bitter quarrel

Arriving to inspect the corpses of Paris, Romeo, and Juliet, the Montagues and Capulets realize too late

Raise statues of their dead children

The Capulets and Montagues agree to end the feud and


After stopping the first fight on Verona's streets, the Prince says that is a Capulet or Montague disturbs the peace again, the punishment will be


Romeo and his friends wear________ to the Capulet party.


"O, I see that the Fairy, Queen Mab, has been with you."


"But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun."


"What's in a name? The thing which we call a rose would smell just as sweet if it had any other name."


"Disgusting young rascal! I'm not one of his flirting women and I'm not one of his old hares!"


"Tybalt wanted to kill you, but you killed him. You are fortunate. The law that threatened your death became your friend and gave you banishment. You are fortunate."


Persons in a work of literature


Sequence of events in a story


Point of view where narrator sees into every character


Time and place of a story


The problem in the story


Scene in story that tells about events that happened


Main idea expressed in a piece of literature

Dramatic Irony

When audience knows something the characters don't


Genre that is a made up story


Overall atmosphere or feeling of a book


Use of clues to hint at events to come in a story


Main character of a story


Person who is in conflict with the main character


Genre that has a problem that needs to be solved


Reference to a person, place, event in literature


Device used by author to maintain reader interest

Direct Characterization

When the author directly describes a character in the book

Indirect characterization

Character revealed through thoughts, actions, and speech

Static Character

Character who stays the same in the book

Round Character

Character who has many sides and is fully developed


The methods an author uses to develop characters


Character who changes in the story


Type of conflict that is an "inside" force


Type of conflict that is an "outside" force


Character who is not developed fully


Background information (setting, characters, etc.)

Rising Action

Part of plot that leads to the climax


The highest point of story where conflict is solved

Falling Action

Events that lead to the end of the story


Part of plot where all the loose ends are tied up

Man vs. Man

The four teens deciding to not go back to the crime scenewhen they knew it would have been the right thing to do

Man vs. himself

Barry deciding if he should dump Helen or not

Man vs. Nature

The night time making it hard for Barry to see while driving

Man vs Man

Helen and Elsa arguing about Barry dating Helen

Has her own apartment

Barry is impressed that Helen


Helen knows her best asset is her

Wants to forget about the accident

Ray goes to California for a year because he

He is eighteen and would be tried as an adult

Barry doesn't think they should report the accident because

A television news bulletin

Helen finds out that Barry has been shot from

See if the Gregg's recognize them

Julie and Ray go to the Gregg's house to

The Good Will Store

Elsa reveals that Helen got her prom dress from

She's only interested in herself

Collie angers Helen at the pool when he tells her

In Vietnam

When David Gregg is killed, his older brother is


Collie wants the four teenagers who were in the car that killed his brother to

Jumping out of the bathroom window

Helen escapes from Collie by

Something bad is going to happen to Julie

Mrs. James has a premonition that

Mrs. James

"I've never seen such a change in anybody as in you this past year. The way you've buckled down and studied- you've been a completely different person."

Julie James

"I'm going to leave here, leave all the people and places connected with that dreadful night, and never look back."

Helen Rivers

"I can't afford to start peeling. If I look a mess, I might lose my job."

Elsa Rivers

"There are a lot of sharp girls going to the University, real smoothies with brains and background. How do you think you're going to stack up?"

Collie Wilson

"Women get like that when something happens to a kid. My own mom's that way."

Megan Gregg

"There's one thing about being the only one at home now, with my folks gone, and my big brother out of the nest. There's nobody else to do the laundry and cooking..."

Barry Cox

"A boy needs some breathing room if he's ever going to grow into a man."

Ray Bronson

"He knew the worst thing for me would be to stay in a world without you."


Hard to break or cut


Actions that cannot be stopped or changed


Something very comfortable and expensive


Objects with similar characteristics


Looking back to the past in a thoughtful way


When two or more things happen by chance


Acting nervous or uncertain about something


Formal agreement


Continue to keep something


Action that involves a lot of energy or effort


Scatter or spread widely


To attract, entice, or tempt


To offer a suggestion for change


To look forward to something


A forewarning of a future event


To give up possession of something or a place


A shadow or outline of something


To make angry or furious


To show excessive love or fondness for someone


To disregard or ignore

160. To make stable or firm


To wrap around together


A dreamy state


To be watchful and cautious


Great wild excitement over something


To emphasize something to make noticeable


To make known, reveal


No power to move


Completely absurd


Able to let light pass through


To be envious or jealous of someone's good fortune


To brighten with light


Talk that is intended to hurt or embarrass


To cancel, take back, or rescind


Taking the place of another person

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