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Sisters- Raina Telgemeier


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Who is the author of Sisters?
Raina Telgemeier
Why isn't dad driving them to Aunt Mary's?
Dad is not driving them to Aunt Mary's because he has work that week and says he will go on a plane there and meet them there. pg. 2
How long have they not had a family reunion?
Ten years. pg. 2
What did Raina ask for or wish for, for a long time?
A sister. pg. 6
What name did Raina want her sister to be named?
Dana. pg.11
What did Amara need when she barged in Raina's room?
Colored pencils. pg. 12
Why did Amara throw a tantrum when she was little?
Amara threw a tantrum because she didn't want to sit at the table with Raina. pg.21
Why was it getting hot in the car?
The car doesn't have air conditioning. pg.32
Why are they going to Colorado?
They are going to Colorado for a family reunion.
Why did Amara want to open the door?
To look at the deer up close. pg.34
What did Raina think Nevada looked like?
The brown state instead of the silver state. pg.41
Why couldn't Raina and Amara get a dog?
Their apartment complex doesn't allow dogs. pg. 50
What kind of pet did Raina and Amara get?
2 fishes, 1 for Amara and 1 for Raina. pg. 50-51
What did Amara name her fish?
Bubbly. pg.51
What did Raina name her fish?
Rosemarie. pg.51
What did they do when Bubbly died?
Buried him. pg.54
What did Amara name her new fish?
Boboli. pg. 54
What happened to Boboli and Rosemarie?
They died. pg.55
What kind of pet did they get next and what do they eat?
A chameleon and they eat crickets. pg. 56
Where were they going for daddy- daughter day?
The zoo. pg. 72
What were they having for dinner while camping?
Mashed potatoes and cub o' noodles. pg. 81
What happened to Raina's dad?
He got laid off and lost his job. pg.91
What is Amara's idea when she gets older on how she will have a lot of money?
She will save it in her piggy bank. pg.93
What did Amara want for Christmas?
A snake. pg.95
What did Raina get at the gas station?
4 packs of batteries. pg.99
What did Raina forget to do?
Use the bathroom. pg. 101
Why wasn't Lindsay there when they got there?
She went to the mall. pg. 116
Where did dad take the family out for dinner when he got his new job?
A pizza place named toto's. pg. 123
What happened to mango?
He wasn't eating and he crawled out the bag in the van. pg.149
What does Josh call Raina?
What happened to the van?
It broke down and so they needed to get a mechanic. pg.169-170
Where did they put Mango when Amara and Raina found him in the van while waiting for mom?
They put Mango in a grocery bag. pg. 187