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Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Drivers Ed

DUI refers to _____.

drinking alcohol and driving, using prescription drugs and driving, and using illegal drugs and driving

Zero tolerance is the law in _____.

all states

In 1999, approximately _____ persons were arrested for DUI.


In 2000, over 20% of the drivers between 15-20 years old who were killed in crashes were intoxicated.


DUI-related crashes occur approximately every _____ minutes.


About 50% of the persons arrested for DUI are _____.

social drinkers

One drink can impair your ability to be a safe driver.


Driving under the influence is a _____.

traffic and criminal offense

Between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., one out of every _____ drivers is intoxicated.


Reasons teen give for drinking alcohol include _____.

peer pressure, to have a good time, and parents drink

Women do not process alcohol as well as men because _____.

limited production of an enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase

Alcohol, when consumed, controls you.


BAC is _____.

blood alcohol concentration

The amount of food in your stomach slows the absorption of alcohol in the body.


When attempting to compare alcohol beverages (beer, wine, whiskey), you must know the _____.

size of the drink and alcohol content of the drink

Which of the following will not affect BAC?


An alcoholic beverage which is 80 proof is _____.

40% alcohol

Alcohol must be digested before entering the blood stream.


Alcohol is _____.


When you operate a motor vehicle on Virginia's roadways, you have agreed to take a chemical test for alcohol if suspected of drinking and driving _____.

under the implied consent law

Long term use of alcohol can lead to cirrhosis of the liver.


The body rids itself of most of the alcohol consumed through _____.


One of the first things affected by alcohol is _____.

aptitude, judgment, and coordination

It would take someone with a BAC of 0.05 approximately _____ to eliminate all the alcohol from the body.

3.5-4 hours

Drinking and driving is illegal at any age.


Exercise helps speed up oxidation of alcohol.


If your BAC is .08 or more, your license will be automatically suspended for _____.

7 days

Time is the only effective way to lower the BAC.


Drivers less than 21 with a BAC of .02 or above may lose their license _____.

under the zero tolerance law

When alcohol and other depressant drugs are mixed the effect will be _____.

greater than the effect of the alcohol and the effect of the drug

When driving, risk is always present.


The second drug most often found in drivers involved in crashes is _____.


A teenage driver with a BAC of .08 is _____ times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a sober teenage driver.


The use of marijuana often affects the driver's ability to keep the vehicle in the lane.


Most marijuana joints contain about the same amount of the drug THC.


Which of the following can affect driving ability?

illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and over the counter drugs

A drug is defined as _____.

any substance that changes the way the body or bran works

You can be charged with DUI when under the influence of prescription or over the counter drugs.


Most medications for colds or allergies will not affect driving ability.


If you feel fatigued while driving, the use of a stimulant is recommended to increase your alertness.


As a person's BAC goes up, his/her field of vision is reduced.


When taking prescription drugs, _____.

check with the doctor of pharmacist for side effects

BAC levels as low as .03 have been show to affect _____.

judgment, vision, and ability to predict and decide

The effects of alcohol on the body are similar to the effects of _____.


Young people do not need to concern themselves with fatigue and driving as their energy level is higher than older people.


The trigger for aggressive driving is most often _____.

traffic congestion

You can get a ticket in Virginia for aggressive driving.


Cicadian rhythm fatigue is a result of _____.

the body's natural "down time"

Which of the following is NOT a good method of handling an aggressive driver?

use your horn to alert him/her of your presence

When aggressive driving escalates to violence, it is called road rage.


The best remedy for driving fatigue is _____.


The most common group of drivers who commit road rage is _____.

18-26 year old manes

Frequent lane changes, high speed, and tailgating are signs of aggressive driving.


If you see others making driving errors, you should point out the mistakes to them.


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