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Driver's Permit Test

regulatory sign
a sign that control and regulates traffic.
Stop sign
only eight-sided sign-complete stop before the stop line or crosswalk area.
Yield sign
this sign means that you must yield the right of way
speed limit sign
a regulatory sign showing the maximum speed permitted under ideal conditions
One way sign
sign that tells you that traffic on that particular road flows in the direction of the arrow only
wrong way sign
sign that tells you that you are going the wrong way
Do Not Enter sign
sign that prohibits the driver from entering a restricted area
Warning signs
signs that are used to warn you of potentially hazardous conditions ahead
are often provided in highway and street work zones to stop, slow, or guide traffic safely through the area (they wear orange, yellow, flourescent clothing)
over 25,000
number of serious injuries that occur nationally in work zones each year
__of work zone fatalities are travelers.
Guide signs
signs that provide information about directions, distances, available services, points of interest, and other geographical, recreational, or cultural information
Red light
means STOP and remain stopped until the light changes color
Yellow light
Green light
means GO---but only if the intersection is clear.
flashing red light
means the same thing as a stop sign--STOP. Proceed when the intersection is clear of pedestrians and vehicles.
flashing yellow light
means proceed with caution
Broken yellow center lines
are used on two-lane, two-way roads--you may cross them only to turn left or to pass another vehicle
one solid yellow line with one broken line
means no passing when you are in the lane with the solid line. The solid line may be crossed only to turn left
two solid yellow lines
means no passing in either direction.
undivided roadway
multi-lane, two-way roadway, crossing the center is permitted only as part of a left turn maneuver
two-way left turn lane
the center lane is reserved only for left-turning vehicles in either direction
divided roadways
a multi-lane roadway with a divider separating the traffic flow.
crosswalk lines
are a pair of white lines or longitudinal lines that mark where a pedestrian will walk.
All turn signals of intention to turn must be given continuously during the last ___feet before the turn.
right of way
when two vehicles approach an unsigned intersection at approximately the same time, the vehicle on the left side must yield to the vehicle on the right.
Emergency vehicles
always have the right of way!! when these vehicles have flashing lights, you must immediately come to a stop along the right-hand curb or edge of the road
School bus flashing light
means that drivers approaching from BOTH directions must stop.
speed limit 20 mph
when approaching any railway crossing, when approaching an intersection, & school zone during school hours,
speed limit 25 mph
in a business or residential district unless otherwise posted
speed limit 55 mph
on gravel, dirt, or loose surface roads unless otherwise posted
speed limit 65 mph
on rural paved 2-lane highways if posted for that speed
speed limit 70 mph
on paved and divided mult-lane highways
speed limit 75
on rural Interstate highways
Never pass
when approaching a hill or curve/ within 100 ft of an intersection, a railroad crossing, or a tunnel/ when you see no passing signs/ when your view of the road is reduced
blind spot
mirrors fail to pick up approaching traffic
At 55 mph, it takes approximately ___feet or one city block on dry pavement to stop
three-second rule
is a way to measure the distance that you should use as a cushion when following another vehicle
another name for off ramps or on ramps onto interstate
dim your headlights at least ___feet before meeting traffic
Dim your headlights at least ___feet when following another vehicle
Do not park
on or within 10 feet of a crosswalk or fire hydrant, within an intersection, on the street side of a parked vehicle, on a bridge or overpass, within 15 feet of a flashing beacon/stop sign/traffic control signals
crashes involving combined damage of $1,000, personal injury or death
immediately report to authorities (police, sheriff)
crashes involving injury or damage
the driver must exchange driver's name, address, motor vehicle insurance company, and policy numbe
snow fog
fog created by passing trucks that reduces visibility in the winter
drivign posture
drive with both hands holding the steering wheel
a fully loaded tractor-trailer (semi) may take more than ___feet on dry pavement to come to a complete stop
children under age 7
must be properly secured in a child restraint or booster seat.
children under age 13
should ride in the back seat--even if the vehicle does not have an airbag
more traffic deaths on the nation's highways are caused by this
nearly half
_________ of the traffic deaths in North Dakota involve drivers who have been drinking
Effects of alcohol
slows down reaction time, impairs vision, interferes with concentration, dulls judgement, creates false sense of confidence
impllied consent
if you have your license you have given consent to a chemical test to determine the level of alcohol and/or durgs in your blood
blood alcohol level for drunk driving