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A living thing


Basic unit of structure in an organism


Made of a single cell


An organism composed of many cells


A change in surroundings that causes an organism to react


An organism's reaction to a stimulus. An action or change in an organisms behavior.


The process of change that occurs during an organism's life to produce a more complex organism

Life Cycle

All of the changes an organism undergoes during its lifetime

Life Span

The amount of time an organism can expect to live

Spontaneous generation

The mistaken idea that living organisms arise from non-living sources

Controlled Experiment

Conducted by performing 2 tests that are identical except for one factor (variable)


An organism that makes its own food


An organism that gets energy by consuming other organisms


An organism's ability to maintain stable internal conditions


Having a body temperature that stays the same


Having a body temperature that changes along with the temperature of surroundings


A process in which an animal's body changes in form

The 6 characteristics of living things

made of cells, grow and develop, use energy, respond to changes in the environment, can reproduce, are made of similar chemicals

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