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Any of various plantlike protists


microscopic 1 celled alga with a glasslike cell wall.form the base of the ocen food chain. A single liter of sea water may contain millions of diatoms.


a kind of alcohol used to make medicines, food products,and various other items.


chemical change in which an organism breas down sugar to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol or lactic acid.


good and bad, mushrooms yeast, not plants multicellular y, yeasts are single celled


made up of more than 1 cell


organisms microscopic in size, float in the ocean


Any of large group of mostly single celled organisms


protist that have animal-like traits


an organism that lives on dead decaying matter


a reproductive cell that can develop into a new organism

What are animal-like protists?

paramecium, amoeba, plasmodium

What are plant-like protists?

Diatom, kelp seaweed, spirogyra.

What protist is both animal-like and plant -like?


What is ethanol used for?

type of alcohol made from plants,is used in medicines, pickles, olives, flavoring, fuel

What is Malaria?

an infectious disease caused by protozoans-plasmodium

How does someone catch it?

an infected mosquito bite

How can it be controlled?

insect spray , mosquito netting , drain ponds, or cover with oil to kill young larva.

Name examples of fungi

mushrooms, yeast

What do paramecium and amoeba both have?

cell membrane

What would our world be like without fungi?

Earth would be buried under a mountain of trash.

How does Paramecium move?

moves by cilia

How does amoeba move?


How dowe euglena move?


How are diatoms and other algae important to ocean environments?

diatoms form the base of the ocean food chain amd algae provides oxygen which all living things depend on.

ways to control malaria

control mosquitoes , use spray and netting, drain ponds or cover.

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