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13 admendment
An admendment to the U.S constitution that outlawed slavery in the us
14 admendment
An admendment to the us constitution that defines citizenship and grants rights to vote
15 admedement
The admendment that makes it illigeal for the government to decide if you can vote because of there race
19 admendment
An admendment that grants women right to vote
24 admendment
An admendement that made poll taxes illigeal
26 admendment
The admedment that lowers voting age to 18
A change to the us constitution
Civil rights
Refers to basic rights
Civil rights 1964
Phorbids employment based on gender or sex
Civil right 1968
Phorbids sale only for certain sex, race or gender
Unfair treatment
Equal rights
Right outlawing discrmination by sex
Literacy test
A test to decide if you can vote or not
Poll tax
Fee required to vote
Disallow phorbid
Seperation of people due to race or sex
States, rights
A power or issue individual states determine
The right to vote
Voting rights 1965
A federal law that banned discrimanating race on voting