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Philosophies of China in order of importance:


what temple is associated with Buddhism:

the Pagoda

Philosophies of China in order of arrival:

Confucianism and Daoism (550 B.C.E)
Buddhism (650 A.d)
Islam (1200 A.d)
Christianity (1800 A.d)

what building is associated with the Muslim faith:

the Mosque

what are the Five pillars of Islam:

Pray 5 times a day
Give charity to the poor
Make a pilgrimage to Mecca
Fast during Ramadan
The creed ( there's no god but Ala and Mohammed is his prophet

Xian's city walls were constructed in what era:

The Ming

the main gate is generally in which direction:

The South

Hu means:


Jiang and he mean:


Shan means:


what word means north:


what word means west:


what does dong mean:


what word means south:


autonomous region:

a political unit with limited self government

intensive agriculture:

a form of subsistance agriculture that requires larg amounts of labor to make the largest crop possible on small plots of land or yields large amount of output per acre through concentrated application of labor and / or capital to small land holdings. Families grow food for own consumption and also sell on the urban or local market.


fine, light silt deposited by wind and water. It constitutes the fertile soil of the Yellow River Valley in northern China. Because loess soil is not compacted, easily worked, but it leaves the region vulnerable to earthquakes.

Huang He river:

A river in northern China, also called the Yellow River, that starts in the Kunlun Mountains and winds east for about 3,000 miles, emptying into the Yellow Sea


a city of central China

The Great Wall:

Built from the Zhou dynasty to the Ming dynasty, but mostly during the Qin and Ming

Four Modernizations:

An economic and social program that called for limited privatization of agriculture and industry, encouraged foreign investment and foreign trade, and resulted in a boost for the Chinese economy. Unlike the Great Leap Forward, the Four Modernizations was an economic success.


this massacre of pro-democracy student protestors in 1989 by china demonstrated the significance of multilateral monitoring and human rights norms even against a member of the UNSC

mao zedong

Communist leader of China; gained power through the Chinese civil war; defeated US backed Chiang Kai Shek

The huge bell was rung to:

tell time, and for alarms, fire, invasion,etc.


houses named after little crowded alleyways, lower class neighborhoods in China, During theYuan Dynasty,Yuan Dynast


marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)

Sun Yat Sen

Founder of China's Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) and considered the father of modern China

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