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Dementia Stage 1

No disability is noted.

Dementia Stage 2

The person complains about forgetting normal age-related information (i.e. location of objects).

Dementia Stage 3

Beginning signs and deficits are noted.
Strengths: independent in IADL; recognizes challenging situations to avoid, in order to minimalize manifested deficits; and utilizes compensation as adaptive mechanism.
Weaknesses: forgets important information for the first time in one's life; experiences difficulty completing complex tasks; and experiences difficulty negotiating directions to a new location.

Dementia Stage 4

Deficits are noted in all IADL.
Strengths: can still perform simple, repetitive ADL independently; can live at home with support; and can follow simple verbal and demonstrational cues.
Weaknesses: becomes increasingly forgetful; unable to follow and sequence written cues; unable to perform familiar, challenging activities; experiences difficulty in word finding; and cannot manage at home without assistance.

Dementia Stage 5

Person cannot function independently.
Strengths: can perform ADL and some IADL with correct cues and assistance; can respond to encouragement; and becomes unable to safely drive.
Weaknesses: demonstrates poor judgment; experiences difficulty with all decision making; and forgets to take care of hygiene.

Dementia Stage 6

Person cannot perform ADL without cues.
Strengths: can perform components of familiar tasks and can follow demonstration/hand over hand cues.
Weaknesses: demonstrates significant deficits in following 2 steps of a task; cannot sequence steps of ADL tasks; cannot speak in full sentences; and becomes incontinent.

Dementia Stage 7

Person can be in a vegetative state. Usually bedbound and unable to respond verbally or non-verbally to questions or commands.

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