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Individual Fitness Questions/Sets

Why should you care about being physically active?
-society puts a lot of stress on us physically and emotionally.
-physical activity reduces risks of a variety of health problems
-lack of regular physical activity has resulted in an epidemic of obesity.
Daily Living incorporates enough exercise to maintain adequate level of fitness
Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle
-proper medical care
-eating the right foods in right amount
-regular exercise
-satisfying work/career
-healthy play and recreation
-proper amount of rest
Physical Benefits of Being Physically Active
-increase muscle size, strength, and power
-strong heart muscle
-better functioning lungs
-better digestive system
-improved posture
-having more energy
-reduced risk of injury
-having health promoting behavior
Social Benefits of Being Physically Active
Psychological Benefits of Being Physically Active
Increase self-esteem, better moods, reduced stress/anxiety, and increased energy level.
Aging and Being Physically Active
Regular physical activity tends to delay the appearance of certain degenerative processes. Look and feel younger.
Health Related Fitness Components
-Cardiorespiratory Endurance
-Muscular Strength
-Muscular Endurance
-Body Composition
Skill Related Fitness Components
-Reaction Time
Basic Principles of a Fitness Program
-Diminishing Returns
Why is Cardiorespiratory/Cardiovascular Endurance and Fitness Important?
-Less Fatigue
-Reduces risk of heart disease
Aerobic vs. Anaerobic
Elevated heart rate vs. short movements
How does exercise affect the function of the heart?
Makes the heart muscle stronger because regular exercise makes it work harder to pump blood.
How to Improve Cardiorespiratory Endurance
-Continuous Training
-Warm Up
-Cool Down
Why is muscular strength important?
-For normal healthy living
-Good Posture
-Reduces lower back pain by strengthening abdominal muscles
-Injury prevention and rehabilitation
How are strength and muscular endurance related?
As muscular strength increases, endurance increases.
Types of skeletal muscle contractions
-Isometric contraction
-Concentric/positive contractions
-Eccentric contraction
What determines how much strength you have?
-Size of muscle
-Level of physical activity
Techniques of resistance training
-Progressive resistance exercise
-Isometric exercise
-Isokinetic exercise
-Circuit training
-Functional Strength training
-Plyometric exercise
Why is it important to have good flexibility?
-Ability to move joints easily is essential to healthy living.
-Prevents injury to muscles and tendons
-Must be performed after warm up before engaging in strenuous activity.
Stretching Techniques
-Ballistic/Dynamic Stretching
Why do you need to know about nutrition?
To know the weak areas of your diet and work to strengthen them.