Chapter 5: Cell Cycle and Mitosis

(Remember PMAT)
What are the four phases of mitosis?
Chromosomes condense

(Remember packaging)
What happens in prophase?
Chromosomes line up on the equator of the cell

(Remember middle)
What happens in metaphase?
Sister chromatids are pulled to opposite sides of the cell

(Remember apart)
What happens in anaphase?
New nuclei are formed

(Remember two)
What happens in telophase?
Spindle fibers
What are the cables that extend from the poles of the cell to the centromeres of the chromosome?
DNA in eukaryotic cells in condensed into
What happens after mitosis?
Cytoplasm divides

(Remember cytoplasm)
What occurs in cytokinesis?
What is this a picture of?
It gets smaller
When a cell gets larger what happens to its surface area to volume ratio?
Surface area divided by volume (SA/V)
How do you calculate surface area to volume ratios?
Its surface area to volume ratio
What limits a size of a cell?
when they do bypass checkpoints
When do cells become cancerous?
They form a cell plate
How do plant cells undergo cytokinesis?
They are pinched by protein threads.
How do animal cells undergo cytokinesis?
Parent cells are genetically ___________ to their daughter cells.
What phase is this?
What phase is this?
What phase is this?
What phase is this?
a nucleus dividing into two nuclei
What is mitosis?
What stage do Gap 1, S, and Gap 2 fall under?
The cell is growing and carrying out its function.
What happens in Gap 1?
The cell duplicates (replicates) its DNA
What happens in S?
The cell continues growing.
What happens in Gap 2?
Gap 1
Cells that rarely divide, like neurons, remain in what phase?
The cell goes back to carrying out its function in gap 1.
What happens after cytokinesis?
Gap 1 of interphase
Cells spend most of their time in...
It wraps itself around proteins called histones.
How does DNA become compacted into chromosomes?
paired strands of duplicated genetic material
What are sister chromatids?
What is this?
uncontrolled cell growth and division
What is cancer?
Check your notes!
What are some reasons cells divide?