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  1. Conducting Zone
  2. Granulosa Cells
  3. Gastrin
  4. Zygote
  5. Proximal Tube
  1. a Fertilized Egg, 1-3 day
  2. b Bronchi --> Bronchioles --> Terminal Bronchioles
  3. c Secrete Estrogen in Response to FSH
  4. d Signals Stomach to Secrete More Acid
  5. e Where most re-absorption of needed electrolytes, amino acids and nutrients occurs

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  1. Solid Mass of Cells, Results from Cleavage
  2. Leaves the blood to become Macrophages
  3. Hormonal Regulation of ADH and Aldosterone
  4. Respiratory Bronchioles --> Alveolar Ducts --> Alveolar Sacs
  5. FSH and testosterone triggers them, they make Sperm

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  1. SomitesBecome bone muscle and skin


  2. AllantoisTemporary, Forms Blood Vessels of the Umbilical Cord


  3. LH in MalesSupports Follicular Development


  4. AsthmaSpasmodic Contractions of the Bronchi


  5. EndodermBecomes lining of the digestive tract, alveoli of lungs, other epithelial cells