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  1. Yolk Sac
  2. Conducting Zone
  3. LH in Males
  4. Upper Portion of Esophagus
  5. Asthma
  1. a Under Skeletal Muscle Control
  2. b Stimulates Leydig Cells to make Testosterone
  3. c Stores cells for Organ Development
  4. d Bronchi --> Bronchioles --> Terminal Bronchioles
  5. e Spasmodic Contractions of the Bronchi

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  1. Detects Lipids in Small Intestines, Signals Gall Bladder to release Bile and Pancreas to secrete Enzymes to break down Fats
  2. Under Smooth Muscle Control
  3. Suppresses Female Development
  4. Organs develop
  5. Fertilized Egg, 1-3 day

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  1. CleavageHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin, Maintains the Corpus Luteum through the First Trimester


  2. Sertoli CellsFSH and testosterone triggers them, they make Sperm


  3. HypothalamusSecretes sex hormones to become gametes


  4. hCGFertilized Egg, 1-3 day


  5. Prenatal DevelopmentPre-embryo, Embryo, Fetus