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  1. Anterior Pituitary
  2. Loop of Henle
  3. Chorion
  4. Glomerulus
  5. Prostate Gland
  1. a Secretes FSH and LH
  2. b Filters the blood out of Urine
  3. c Secretes Enzymes, Simple Sugars, Bicarbonate Ions, Prostate Specific Antigens
  4. d makes hCG
  5. e Controls the Osmotic Gradient

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  1. Signals Stomach to Secrete More Acid
  2. FSH and testosterone triggers them, they make Sperm
  3. Brain and Spinal Cord
  4. Stimulates Leydig Cells to make Testosterone
  5. Site of gas exchange

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  1. Proximal TubeWhere most re-absorption of needed electrolytes, amino acids and nutrients occurs


  2. Identical TwinsCome from the same oocyte that splits before 16 cell stage


  3. EctodermBecomes Skin, Nervous System


  4. Granulosa CellsFSH and testosterone triggers them, they make Sperm


  5. Conducting ZoneLines Amniotic Cavity, Filled with Amniotic Fluid


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