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  1. Blastocyst
  2. Zygote
  3. hCG
  4. Medulla (kidney)
  5. Anterior Pituitary
  1. a Interior
  2. b Hollow ball of cells
  3. c Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Maintains the Corpus Luteum through the First Trimester
  4. d Secretes FSH and LH
  5. e Fertilized Egg, 1-3 day

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  1. Where most re-absorption of needed electrolytes, amino acids and nutrients occurs
  2. Molecules that Signals Cells of the Same Type
  3. Detects Acid in Small Intestine, Signals Pancreas to secrete Bicarbonate to neutralize Acid
  4. Thalamus makes GnRH to signal Anterior Pituitary, AP makes LH and FSH which signals the Gonads, Gonads secrete sex hormones to reproductive tract (and secondary sex characteristics)
  5. Secretes Enzymes into Small Intestine

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  1. Fraternal TwinsCome from differently fertilized oocytes


  2. Pepsinogen Secreting CellsSecrete Pepsinogen which becomes Pepsin, an enzyme that helps break down food


  3. LH in FemalesStimulate the Granulosa Cells to convert Androgen to Estrogen


  4. HypothalamusStimulates Leydig Cells to make Testosterone


  5. Prenatal DevelopmentSecretes Enzymes, Simple Sugars, Bicarbonate Ions, Prostate Specific Antigens