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  1. Liver
  2. Secretin
  3. How is CO2 Transported in Blood?
  4. hCG
  5. Pepsinogen Secreting Cells
  1. a Plasma Bicarbonate Ions
  2. b Produces Bile
  3. c Secrete Pepsinogen which becomes Pepsin, an enzyme that helps break down food
  4. d Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Maintains the Corpus Luteum through the First Trimester
  5. e Detects Acid in Small Intestine, Signals Pancreas to secrete Bicarbonate to neutralize Acid

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  1. Site of gas exchange
  2. Stores Bile
  3. Becomes Muscles, Gonads
  4. Secrete Estrogen in Response to FSH
  5. Secretes FSH and LH

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  1. GlomerulusFilters the blood out of Urine


  2. HypothalamusSecretes GnRH


  3. Autocrine Signaling MoleculesMolecules that signal cells of a different type than themselves


  4. Sublingual GlandSecretes Enzymes, Simple Sugars, Bicarbonate Ions, Prostate Specific Antigens


  5. Submandibular GlandStores Feces