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a trait that makes an organisms successful in it's environment


Organism with an exoskeleton


Lays eggs in the water and must keep skin moist


lays eggs on land and has dry, scaly skin


gives birth to live young and has hair

Bird & Vertebrate

1.) lays eggs and has feathers. 2.) organisms with a backbone.

Primate & Binocular Vision

1.) type of mammal with binocular vision and opposable thumbs. 2.) allows for increased depth perception

Opposable thumbs

ability to grasp (make fists) with hands and feet


oldest primate, black and white vision, nocturnal


newer primate, color vision, diurnal

Nocturnal & Diurnal

1.) active at night 2.) active during the day

Ape & Money

1.) anthropoid without a tail 2.) anthropoid with a tail


anthropoid that walks on two legs

Australopithecus africanus

first hominid with canine teeth

Australopithecus afarensis

first hominid that walks upright on two legs

Homo Habilis

first hominid to use tools

Homo erectus

first hominid to use fire

Homo sapien

first hominid with a modern sized brain

Homo sapien sapien

first hominid with social structure

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