Intro to Business Chapter 27

Intro to business
Usury Law
A law that restricts the amount of interest that can be charged for credit.
Consumer Credit Protection Act, a.k.a (Truth in Lending Law)
A federal law that requires creditors to inform consumers of the cost and terms of credit and protects consumers from lost or stolen cards.
Truth-in-lending disclosure
A statement creditors must give to consumers informing them of the costs and terms of credit.
Credit counselor
A person who helps consumers with their credit problems.
collection agent
A person or business that collects overdue bills.
consolidation loan
A loan that combines several debts into one loan with lower payments.
Equal Credit Opportunity Act
A federal law against denying credit on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity, or other difference.
Fair Credit Reporting Act
A federal law giving people the right to now what is in their credit files at the credit bureaus.
A legal process in which a person is relieved of debts but creditors can take some or al of the person's assets.
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
A federal law that protects debtors from unfair methods and practices by collection agents.
Fair Credit Billing Act
A federal law requiring creditors to correct billing mistakes brought to their attention