MedTerm Chapter 12 Review

The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide a the cellular level is
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Which of the following diseases arises in the airways of the lungs?Bronchogenic CarcinomaAcute inflammation and infection of the alveoliPneumoniaCollection of air in the pleural spacePneumothoraxIn the pathway of air through the body air comes in through the nose. Which of the following parts of the respiratory tract would the air enter first?PharynxWhich is larger? Bronchi or bronchioles?BronchiWhat part of the lungs is in contact with capillaries for the purpose of gas exchange?AlveoliWhat is the name of the area between the lungs which contains the heart, blood vessels, and large airways?MediastinumWhich procedure uses a scope to check the condition of internal airway tissue and collect tissue samples?BronchoscopyA child is seen in a medical office and the physical notes in the medical record that the child has rhinorrhea. What is the problem?Runny noseA patient who has been hoarse for several weeks hasDysphoniaWhat is the patient's primary disease?Lung cancerInfarct meansarea with decreased blood flow due to a blood clotWhere has the cancer spreadall of the aboveWhat best describes the pulmonary parenchyma in the lower left lungcollapsed alveoli with areas of bleedingIs this cancer malignant or benignmalignantWhich disease effects the upper respiratory tract?croupWhich disease is an inherited disorder often diagnosed in infants or children?Cystic FibrosisCoal miner's lung or black lung is a type ofPneumoconiosisWhich of the following have the same meaningA and BEdenoidectomytissue in the nasopharynxEpiglottisflap of tissue above the opening to the larynxTonsillectomytissue in the oropharynxBronchospasmmedium to large air passagewaysAlveolarair sacsOrthopneaupright