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  1. the study of the causes or reasons for a phenomena (something we observe)
  2. this is mostly accidental but could be intendeds or expected such as a pt having pancreatic cancer, this is expected to have diabetes because the lack of producing insulin.
  3. subclinical period
  4. this spreads to a large geographic area such as a whole country.
  5. this spreads to many people at one time such as the flu

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  1. Endemic diseasethis is native to a local region such as a frostbite in the arctic center or the sub-saharah desert for aids.


  2. Chronic clinical coursethis is short lived and may have sever manifestation. This leads to chronic clinical course.


  3. Idiopathica lot of primary diseases is _________ such as primary hypertension which is genetically caused.


  4. Epidemiologystudy of the patterns of disease involving population