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"The Courtier"

manual that was written by Baldassare Castiglione that gave advice to men and women on the Renaissance ideal of good behavior

"The Prince"

a book that realistically analyzed the politics of Renaissance Italy

"The Decameron"

Giovanni Boccaccio's most famous work - time - Black Death - Florence - series of stories told by three young men and seven young women - fled Florence to isolated country house to escape Black Death - stories ridiculed feudal customs -
mirrored spirit of Renaissance - recurring theme - anti clericalism - first major prose work in Italian vernacular -

"Pantagruel and Gargantua"

adventures of two giants (father and son) who revel in all known pleasures of the world - Francois Rabelais - most famous work

"Praise of Folly"

Desiderius Erasmus most influential work - used female named "Folly" to contrast spontaneous natural reactions of (supposedly) foolish with studied and self-serving artificiality of the "wise" -

"Of the Disadvantages of Greatness"

personal essay that analyzed the authority of royalty


Evil is social in origin - major sin in ideal societ = pride (born out of greed for material possessions)

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