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Cold War

War without any fighting (Soviets and US).

Iron Curtain

Imaginary line separating the communists from the rest of Europe and the US.

Arms Race

Military gain for best weapons (US and Soviets).





Black Listed

Shunned by society for political beliefs.

Space Race

Contest to see who could get to the moon faster (US and Soviets). Sputnik (Soviets) first satellite on the moon. US had first man on the moon.


Democratic. "The buck stops here." Missouri farmer, had a clothing store, WW1 veteran, and senator. VP under FDR. Ended WW2 with atom bomb.

Fair Deal

Expanded social security and employment programs (Truman).

Marshall Plan

Past in 1947. 16 nations agreed to the plan. Successfully rebuilt much of Europe and the US donated $14 billion to European nations.

United Nations

International peace keeping organization (1945).


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1949). Alliance between US, Canada, and Western Europe.

Warsaw Pact

Satellite nations under the USSR.


A political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

Truman Doctrine

US policy of supporting nations financially and militarily to help stop the spread of communism.


Containing communism to Eastern Europe.


Accusing someone of being a communist. Witch hunt.

Berlin Airlift

1948. Soviets take over countries. US and Britain brought supplies. MacArthur outlawed militarism. (West Berlin - communist, East Berlin - democrats, West Germany - democrats, East Germany - communist).

Fidel Castro

Lawyer turned guerilla fighter. Overthrew General Batista. Established communist government in Cuba in 1959. Imprisons/executes political enemies. Cuba's economy is supported by USSR (75%).


National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
V2→ race to space→Sputnik (1957)→US pushed for math/science in schools→NASA (1958)

GI Bill of Rights

Passed in 1944. Provided veterans with college tuition assistance and low interest mortgages for houses.

Baby Boomers

1945-1964. US population exploded.


First concept of mass produced, cookie cutter housing developments.

Plessy Vs. Ferguson

1896. Supreme court rules in favor of segregation as long as separate but equal.

Brown Vs. Board of Education

Supreme court rules against segregation (1954).

Desegregation of the US Military

July 1948. Executive order 9981. President Truman ended segregation.

Montgomery Bus Boycotts

December 1, 1955 - December 21, 1956. Rosa Parks.

Little Rock 9

1957. Arkansas. Orval Faubus ordered Arkansas National Guard to keep students away but Eisenhower called the 101st Airborne Division to escort kids to school.


Republican, "I like Ike", 1953-1961. Grew up in Kansas and retired in PA. Tough on communism but known for spreading peace. Pushed for US highway system, backed Civil Rights, and balanced the budget.


USSR, threatened democracy and security.

Duck and Cover

Movie to promote awareness of nuclear bombs. (Federal Civil Defense Agency)

Fallout Shelter

Air-ventilation; filters air.


12 inches thick; made of concrete, sand or brick. (bomb shelters).

Korean Conflict

1950 - 1953. In June of 1950, North Korean communists crossed the border into South Korea, and pushed back South Korean forces. UN sent troops; mostly US and South Korean soldiers. They surprise attacked North Korea and eventually pushed them back and invaded North Korea.


Took over Korea in early 1900s. After WW2, they were pushed out and Korea was divided into North and South Korea.

38th Parallel

Border that separates North Korea and South Korea.


Where the North Koreans pushed back the South Koreans to in the Korean Conflict.


Led the US soldiers in the Korean Conflict.


During the Korean Conflict, they sent troops to back North Korea, forcing UN to retreat back to South Korea.


Year that peace talks began.


Year that a cease fire agreement was signed and kept the border at North Korea and South Korea.


Number of US soldiers killed in Korean conflict.


Number of South Korean soldiers killed in Korean conflict.


Number of North Korean & Chinese soldiers killed.


True or false? The Korean Conflict was resolved.


Operation Little Vittles


Highest sky dive; 102,800 feet.


Fill in the blank: In the 1950s, girls wore big ass _____.

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