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11 Reflexive Verbs Conjugations

Reflexive verbs in Spanish Remember, to conjugate reflexive verbs you need Reflexive Pronouns, which I included in this set. To conjugate reflexive verbs, you need to move the "se" at the end of the reflexive verb and move it to the front. Then you need to change it to Me/Te/Se/Nos/Os/Se depending on the subject. However, if your reflexive verb is following a verb, you need to keep the "se" at the end of the reflexive verb and then change it to the form you need.
To go to bed
Me acuesto
I go to bed
Te acuestas
You go to bed
Se acuesta
He goes to bed
Nos acostamos
We go to bed
Se acuestan
They go to bed
To shave
Me afeito
I shave (myself)
Te afeitas
You shave (yourself)
Se afeita
He shaves (himself)
Nos afeitamos
We shave (ourselves)
Se afeitan
They shave (themselves)
To take a bath
Me baño
I take a bath
Te bañas
You take a bath
Se baña
He takes a bath
Nos bañamos
We take a bath
Se bañan
They take a bath
To brush (oneself)
Me cepillo
I brush (my hair)
Te cepillas
You brush (your hair)
Se cepilla
He brushes (your hair)
Nos cepillamos
We brush (our hair)
Se cepillan
They brush (their hair)
To wake up
Me despierto
I wake up
Te despiertas
You wake up
Se despierta
He wakes up
Nos despertamos
We wake up
Se despiertan
They all wake up
To fall to asleep
Me duermo
I fall asleep
Te duermes
You fall asleep
Se duerme
He falls asleep
Nos dormimos
We fall asleep
Se duermen
They fall asleep
To wash (oneself)
Me lavo
I wash (myself)
Te lavas
You wash (yourself)
Se lava
He washes (himself)
Nos lavamos
We wash (ourselves)
Se lavan
They wash (themselves)
To get up
Me levanto
I get up
Te levantas
You get up
Se levanta
He gets up
Nos levantamos
We get up
Se levantan
They get up
To put on makeup
Me maquillo
I put on makeup
Te maquillas
You put on makeup
Se maquilla
She puts on makeup
Nos maquillamos
We put on makeup
Se maquillan
They put on makeup
To put (on)
Me pongo
I put (on)
Te pones
You put (on)
Se pone
He puts (on)
Nos ponemos
We put (on)
Se ponen
They put (on)
Me seco
I dry off
Te secas
You dry off
Se seca
He dries off
Nos secamos
We dry off
Se secan
They dry off
To get dressed
Me visto
I get dressed
Te vistes
You get dressed
Os ponéis
You all put on
Os bañáis
You all take a bath
Os cepilláis
You all brush (your hair)
Os maquilláis
You all put on makeup
os vestís
you all get dressed
os peináis
you all comb (your hair)
to comb (your hair)
me peino
I comb (my hair)
te peinas
you comb (your hair)
se peina
he combs (his hair)
nos peinamos
we comb (our hair)
se peinan
they comb (their hair)
os secáis
you all dry yourselves
os dormís
you all fall asleep