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Steven SS Japan, Australia, New Zealand text notes

Social Studies test 5/15
How did Japan rebuild itself after World War II?
Japan rebuilt industry with financial help from the U.S.
What industries did Japan specialize in after World War II?
Watches, Cameras, Cars, electronics, skiing gear, bicycles, steel, and ships.
What was the government's role in Japan's economy?
The Japanese governemnt had always supported its citizens by controlling bank loans, and regulating the stock market. Recently the economy has suffered due to lack of healthy competition.
What role did women play in Japanese businesses?
In the past, unmarried Japanese women often worked in rice fields, factories, nurses or teachers. In the 1980's many working women were "office ladies" serving tea, doing light cleaning, holding doors, and answering phones. Today, women or working as part-time workers or working long hours beside men-who get paid more and better benefits.
When did the aborigines come to Australia and where did they come from?
They cam from Asia about 40,000 years ago.
When did the Maori come to New Zealand and from where?
They came from Asia to Polynesia to New Zealand about 1,000 years ago.
Why did the Europeans come to Australia in the 1700's?
They came as Australia as explorers,then the British founded the first colony as a penal colony for prisoners.
What has happened to aborigines of Austraila since the Europeans arrived in the 1700's?
They were forced off their lands by the Europeans when they arrived to Australia. Many Aborigines died of European diseases and the Europeans forced the Aborigines to adopt European ways, so they lost their own customs and traditions.
What happened to the Maori of New Zealand since the Europeans arrived?
The British did not protect the Maori land, as they promised when they came to New Zealand. The Europeans defeated the Maori and forced them to adopt European ways also, almost destroying their culture. Over the years, Maori recovered some traditional lands and were allowed to practice their customs.