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In exile, Vladimir Lenin spend 17 years in what country?

Opium Wars

Modern Chinese History is generally considered to begin w/?

a $21 million indemnity and the abolition of the Co-Hong trade system and cession of Hong Kong and opening of 5 treaty ports

among the provisions of the Treaty of Nanking (1842) were

basically made China a pseudo colony open to most of the Western powers

The Treateis of Tientsin (1858) forced China into a situation that...

proclaimed Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace

the Taiping Rebellion was so named bc of...

allowed the Japs to gain a foothold in China similar to Western Powers and Forced the Chinese to cede Formosa, the Pescadores, and the Liatung Peninsula

1894 Sino-Japanese War in Korea had what impact on China?

global; economic

New Imperialism following WWI was _________ in scope and primarily ___________ in form

Coercion of local authority

what is one of the 3 means by which imperialism was actualized in the first half of the 20th century?


one motive for imperialist colonization was

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy

the Triple Alliance was composed of which 3 countries?

Britain, France, Russia

Triple Entente was composed of which 3 countries?


The Bosnian Crisis (1908) was caused when what country invaded Bosnia?


who attacked the Ottoman Empire in 1911 gaining Ethiopia and Libya as colonies?


The Balkan Wars ended in 1913 with what country occupying Albania?


Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated in what city?

Triple Entente

which of the major alliances declared war first on one or more members of the other major alliance in July 1914?


Germany's grand strategy to take advantage of mobility to avoid a 2 front war was called the ___________ Plan


One reason for stalemate and trench warfare was the failure of the Entente to open a meaningful front in the east, despite their efforts at what location?

American Expeditionary Force

the US entered WWI in 1917 w/ the deployment of the...

league of nations, open peace, creation of Poland

what are 3 of Wilson's 14 Points for making a lasting peace?


the Treaty of Versailles was actually ____ separate treaties

the crushing indemnity forced upon Germany

Perhaps the most damaging after shock of the Versailles Peace was

raising up the volk

Hitler rose to power championing 3 goals for the German ppl during the world wide depression that followed WWI...among these goals were...

systems, systematic, interaction

what are the 3 types of change that Gilpin says states may attempt to cause?

transportation/communication, military technology/technique, economics

3 factors that affect a state decision to attempt to make change in the status quo are?

social formation, enhanced economic growth/technology

change is a function of what 2 factors according to assumption 3 in Gilpin

consumption, investment, protection

the 3 primary sectors of national income, according to Gilpin are

internal, external

both __________and_________factors affect a state's ability to increase income and maintain status quo, particularly if that state is the system hegemon

more living space (lebensraum)

another of the Nazi goals was the creation of _______ for the German ppl


to test their growing militaries, Germany and Italy supported France in what European country's 1936-38 civil war?


in 1938 Germany, under Hitler, announced the Anschuluss, a reunification of Germany with the Osterreich (Austria). Britain led Europes' respose, which is best described as ___________

"Peace in Our Time"

after meeting w/ Hitler in Munich in October 1938, Prime Minister Chamberlain returned to London and declared that there would be _______________


following the Anschluss, and the Munich conference, Hitler ordered the occupation of the Sudentenland, otherwise known as


Germany's invasion of what country on Sept 1, 1939 led to the declaration of war by Britain and France that formally began WWII?


Actually, the invasion of POland was carried out by both Germany and ___________ after a secret non-aggression pact was made in August of 1939

Russo-Jap War and Japanese occupation of Manchuria

among the events precipitating WWII in Asia were

young officers

in 1936, there was coup in the Jap military led by

Marco Polo Bridge

WWII in Asia began w/ what incident in July 1937?


in Europe, Germany introduced a new, highly mobile tactile of warfare called


France and Britain were defeated on the continent in less than 1 month and forced to flee the continent in the _________ evacuation


the Battle for Britain was highlighted by the use of what new technology

6 million

the Holocaust, based on Hitler's final solution to the Jewish issue, led to the death of over __________ Jews in Europe


the US was highly involved in WWII prior to Pearl Harber thru what program designed to supply Europe w/ arms and munitions

China, US

WWII in Asia was primarily btw Japan and _________ and Japan and ___________

CPP, Mao Tse Tung

the United Front, was btw the nationalist KTM (Kuomintang) led by Chiang Kai-Shek, and the _______________ led by _____________

nearly 80% of all Chinese females were sexually assaulted

the Rape of Nanking involved the killing of an estimated 100,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians by the was named the Rape bc __________

Hiroshima, Nagasaki

the US was the first and only nation to ever use atomic weapons in teim of war...these weapons were used aginst which 2 Jap cities?

to combat the spread of Communism

in the aftermath of WWII, the US rebuilt the infrastructures and economies of both Germany and Japan...this was done due to what primary factor?

Constitution, 12

the effort to rebuilt japan included writing a new ____________ and occupying Japan to enforce the compliance of the population to democracy for ____________ years by US military forces

ideological struggle

Dr. Stanton proposed in lecture that the single factor that has dominated world civilization since the end of WWII is ___________


Dr. Stanton proposed in lecutre that bc ideological struggle is so emotionally tied to societies, societies must decide whether they are willing to ________ other societies in the name of survival and growth


the Cold War is an example of what type of power distribution in the international system?

no challenging state sees benefits of possible outcome being greater than costs of attempting to cause changes and no hegemonic state sees the costs of maintenance as outweighing the benefits of hegemony

equilibrium according to Gilpin, occurs when...


Gilpin's explanation of war and change in the international system is based on _________ being the primary actors of the international system

there is no higher authority in the system than the states

anarchy in the international system, in a realist theory of international relations, means what?

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