Endocrine S/S

12 terms by Goeddes

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Enlarged hands, feet, and facial features.
Enlarged heart and larynx, HTN.


Excessive growth in children


Increased UO with low SG
Increased Na, Polydipsia, Low BP, Dehydration


Hyponatremia, fluid retention, elevated BP


High K, Low BP, Low BS, Low Na


Increased BS and Low K
GI ulcers, weight gain
HTN, thin skin, osteoporosis


Low K, High Na, HTN, headache


Severe HTN, headache, sweating, palpitations


Dry skin, hair loss, weakness
Constipation, weight gain, puffy face
Bradycardia, Low BP, cold intolerance


HTN, tachycardia, palpitations, warm moist skin
Heat intolerance, frequent stools, exophthalmus
High BS, nervous, low grade fever


Tetany, high serum phosphate


Osteoporosis, fractures, bone demineralization
High Ca, kidney stones

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