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  1. With bronchogenic carcinima
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Interstitial lung disease sclerosis affects
  4. Mediastiotomy
  5. Found in alveoli of ards pt
  1. a Is using anti cancer drugs to tx small cell
  2. b Incision in chest to see if cancer spread to lymph nodes
  3. c Skin, lungs
  4. d There can be airway obstruction destruction of airways and alveoli and atelectasis
  5. e Debri,fibrin,hyaline membrane

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  1. Aggressive cancer ,grows rapidly,mestasazize early double time 30 days
  2. Is fibrosis that effects esophagus
  3. Brachytherapy
  4. Fissure lines,shift elevated diaphragm,opacities platelike denities
  5. Oat cell

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  1. Interstitial lung disease and asbestosis havePleural plaques,secretions,bronchospasm


  2. 24-48 hrsArds will develop ..l.after initial illness or injury


  3. Burns septicemia and hemorrhagic pancreatitisCan lead to ards


  4. Malignant tumorsInvade surrounding tissues,cause necrosis


  5. Five to sixSize Difficult to see on xray