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  1. Found in alveoli of ards pt
  2. Unknown etiology of pulmonary fibrosis is called
  3. Signs of metastatic cancer
  4. Procedures to obtain lung tissue
  5. Symptoms advanced cancer
  1. a Bronchoscopy needle aspiration thoracentesis thoractomy
  2. b Sarcoidosis
  3. c Debri,fibrin,hyaline membrane
  4. d Sob,chest pain,hemoptysie,wheeze hoarse,chronic cough wt loss fatigue pneumonia bronchitis
  5. e Weakness,bone pain,seizures,wt loss

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  1. Increase tactile fremitus,dull note,crackle,bronchial sounds,whisperednpectoriloquy
  2. Surgery
  3. 7.2
  4. Pulmonary fibrosis caused by inhaling inorganic dust and particulate matter
  5. Small tidal volume high rr

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  1. Peripheral central lungsLg cell carcinoma is found here


  2. Breathing high percent of u2 with a block in left bronchusCan lead to atelectasis


  3. High risk interstitial Lung disease sarcoidosisGood pastries,alveolar protein Lydia,chronic eosinophilia pneumonia


  4. Interstitial lung disease sclerosis affectsPleural friction rub,increased vocal fremitus


  5. Drugs that may cause interstitial fibrosisAnticancer