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  1. Palliative therapy
  2. Pawp measured with swan gantz
  3. Respirations with ards
  4. Small cell
  5. Lg cell carcinoma
  1. a Aggressive cancer ,grows rapidly,mestasazize early double time 30 days
  2. b Crackles and bronchial sounds Dyspnea,insp intercostl and suprasternal reyractions
  3. c Grow rapidly early metastatic doubling time 100 days
  4. d Is to make pt comfortable
  5. e This is low in ards pt less than 18 mmhg

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  1. Good pastries,alveolar protein Lydia,chronic eosinophilia pneumonia
  2. Decreaase ic,decrease vc
  3. Adenocarcinma is found here
  4. Pneumonia,airation narcotic od,near drowning,fat embolism,shock,fluid overload,sepsis,trauma thorax,smoke inhale,inhale tpxins,oxygen toxicity,airway burn,mech ventHemorrhagic pancreas
  5. Asbestosis,sarcoidosis,silicosis

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  1. Palliative careScope inserted thru incision in neck


  2. Ph goal ards7.2


  3. Structural damage in bronchogenic carcinomaAirway obstruction,destruction of airways and alveoli,atelectasis


  4. Causes of palm fibrosisAsbestos,silicosis,berylliosis,black lung coal miners siderosis


  5. Interstitial lung disease sclerosis affectsSkin, lungs