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  1. Signs of fibrosis
  2. Chest assessment of ild
  3. Interstitial lung disese can be caused by
  4. Lobectmy
  5. Causes of palm fibrosis
  1. a Pleural friction rub increased vocal fremitus
    Pleural effusion honeycombing cavity formation ,granulomas,interstitial thickening
  2. b Removal of whole lobe
  3. c Anticancer drugs
  4. d Cough,dyspnea,ground glass,irregular opaciies
  5. e Asbestos,silicosis,berylliosis,black lung coal miners siderosis

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  1. Lg cell,squamous,adenocarcinoma
  2. Debri,fibrin,hyaline membrane
  3. Reduces risk one third to obe half
  4. Moderate dowry rate,metastic tendency oblong 180 days
  5. Removal of all lung

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  1. Respirations with ardsCrackles and bronchial sounds Dyspnea,insp intercostl and suprasternal reyractions


  2. Pawp measured with swan gantzThis is low in ards pt less than 18 mmhg


  3. Common secondary infection with ardsKlebsiela pseudomonas staph


  4. With bronchogenic carcinimaThere can be airway obstruction destruction of airways and alveoli and atelectasis


  5. Tx or telectasisAntibiotic withdraw air or fluid is,u2,mech vent hyperinflation cpt