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  1. Structural damage in bronchogenic carcinoma
  2. PTA with prolonged vent support of fio2. More than 50
  3. Misc interstitial lung disease types
  4. Mediastioscopy
  5. Squamous
  1. a Are likely to develop fibrosis
  2. b Airway obstruction,destruction of airways and alveoli,atelectasis
  3. c Good pastries,alveolar protein Lydia,chronic eosinophilia pneumonia
  4. d Most common form of bronchogenic carcinoma
  5. e Scope inserted thru incision in neck

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  1. Is using anti cancer drugs to tx small cell
  2. This is low in ards pt less than 18 mmhg
  3. Affects swallowing and hoarseness weakness bone pain seizure and wt loss
  4. Anticancer
  5. Is to make pt comfortable

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  1. PneumoconiosisRemove part of lung


  2. Small cell akaOat cell


  3. Malignant tumorsCause necrosis and invade tissue


  4. Xray atelectasisFissure lines,shift elevated diaphragm,opacities platelike denities


  5. Non small cell cancer typesLg cell,squamous,adenocarcinoma