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  1. Interstitial lung disease sclerosis affects
  2. Brachytherapy
  3. Five to six
  4. Pft of atelectasis
  5. Alveolar cells on prolonged ards pt
  1. a Decreaase ic,decrease vc
  2. b During a bronchoscopy if tumor found in rt man bronchus best way to manage is
  3. c Hyperplasia and swelling of type 2 cells
  4. d Size Difficult to see on xray
  5. e Skin, lungs

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  1. Xray,ct,MRI,pft,bronchi alveolar lavage,lung biopsy
  2. Treat symptoms make comfy
  3. Pump lung shock lung wet lung
  4. Small tidal volume high rr
  5. Are encapsulated Nd grow slowly

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  1. Non obstructive atelectadisForeign body tumor mucus plug


  2. Small cell akaAggressive cancer ,grows rapidly,mestasazize early double time 30 days


  3. Tx or telectasisAntibiotic withdraw air or fluid is,u2,mech vent hyperinflation cpt


  4. Common secondary infection with ardsKlebsiela pseudomonas staph


  5. SquamousHas double time 100 days And invades tissue in epithelium