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Destination C1-C2 units 2,4

Phrasal verbs, idioms

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brush up (on)
practise and improve your skills or knowledge of st
come (a)round (to)
change your opinion or decision becouse someone has persuaded you to agree with them
come up with
think of something such as an idea or a plan
face up to
accept something and try to deal with it
figure out
be able to understand something or solve a problem; understand what someone is like and why they behave in the way they do
hit upon
suddenly have an idea; discover st by chance
make out
see, hear or understand someone or something with difficulty; suggest, imply
mull over
think carefully about st over a period of time
piece together
learn the truth about something by considering all the separate bits of information you have
puzzle out
solve a confusing or complicated problem by thinking carefully about it
read up (on/about)
get information on a particular subject by reading a lot about it
swot up (on)
study something very hard, especially for examination
take in
understand and remember st that you hear or read; accept st as real or true; trick someone into believing something that is not true
think over
consider a problem or decision carefully
think through
consider the facts about something in an organised and thorough way
think up
invent or imagine something, especially an excuse
back up
make a copy of information on your computer; give support to someone
change around
move things so that they are in different places or positions
change into
stop being in one state, condition or form and start being in another, or make something do this; take off the clothes or a piece of clothing you are wearing and put on different ones
change out of
take off the clothes or piece of clothing you are wearing and put on different ones
do away with
get rid of
do up
repair, paint and improve old building, car, boat etc, fasten clothing
fade away
disappear slowly
key in
put information into a computer or other electronic machine using keys or a keyboard
make into
change someone or something so that they become something else
mix up
put thing together withou any order; think that one person or thing is another person or thing
switch on / off
start/stop a machine/light/etc working
take apart
separate an object into pieces
test out
try using something such as a machine or product to find out whether it works correctly or is satisfactory
turn into
change or develop into something different; make someone or something change or develop into something different
use up
use all of a supply of something
wear out
use something a lot so that it no longer works or can no longer be used
go to your head
if success goes to your head, it makes you think that you are better or more important than you really are
have your wits about you
be able to think quickly and make sensible decisions
in the dark (about)
not knowing very much about st, because other people are keeping it secret from you
know what's what
know the important facts about a situation
not have a leg to stand on
not have any way of proving that you are right about something
not see the wood for the trees
used for saying that someone cannot undestand what is important in a situation becouse htey are thinking too much about small details
put two and two together
guess what is happening or what something means based on what you have seen or heard
quick / slow on the uptake
taking a very short / long time to understand or realise something
ring a bell
something that rings a bell sounds familiar to you, although you cannot remember the exact details
round the bend
split hairs
argue or worry about very small details or differences that are not important
take stock (of)
sped some thime thinking about the situation you are in before you decide what to do next
a leopard can't change its spots
used for saying that someone will never change their behaviour or character
all mod cons
all modern conveniences, the machines and pieces of equipment in you house that make life easy and comfortable
break the mould
change situation by doing something that is very different from what most people usually door have done in the past
change your tune
change your opinion or attitude
have a change of heart
change your opinion about something or decide not to do something you were planning to do
know st inside out
be very familiar with st
neinvent the wheel
waste time and effort trying to do something that someone else has already done well
stick to your guns
refuse to change what you are saying or doing despitee the opposition or criticism of other people
the tools of the trade
the skills and equipment that yyou need in order to do your job
turn over a new leaf
change your life by starting to be a better person or stopping a bad habit