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  1. gene flow
  2. homology
  3. directional selection
  4. taxonomy
  5. population
  1. a the branch of biology that names and classifies species and groups them into broader categories
  2. b is the movement of individuals of gametes/spores between populations and can alter allele frequencies in a population
  3. c acts against individuals at one of the phenotypic extremes
  4. d group of individuals of the same species living in the same place at the same time
  5. e the similarity in characteristics that result from common ancestors

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  1. Phenomenon in which individuals with adaptive genetic traits produce more living offspring than do individuals without such traits.
  2. changes in the nucleotide sequence of DNA, and are the ultimate sources of new alleles
  3. involves competition for mates, usually by males
  4. individuals of one sex are choosy in picking their mates often selecting flashy or colorful mate
  5. central dogma of genetics

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  1. biogeographythe geographic distribution of species, suggested to Darwin that organisms evolve from common ancestors


  2. fitnessability of an individual to survive and reproduce in its specific environment


  3. Darwin's Finchesany difference between individuals of the same species


  4. stabilizing selectionacts against individuals at one of the phenotypic extremes


  5. comparative embryologycomparison the development among different organisms when they are embryos