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Section 4: Kings and Popes


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Magna Carta
The Great Charter, once John marked it became a law. The terms King John accepted that people made.
A council that would advice the English King in Government matters.
How long did it take for the Pope to forgive King Henry?
3 long days
Which king invaded Italy and exiled Pope Gregory?
Henry IV
What are 3 major things that Kings did?
Agreed to protect towns, hire armies, and make towns rich.
How did King John get into trouble?
He jailed enemies without trials, Taxed people heavily, Clashed with the Pope, and seized Church property.
How long did the French-England war last?
From 1338-1453
How did the war start?
King Edward II thought he should be the next King of France but French Nobles did not agree.
How many battles did the French win with Joan of Arc
5 battles
In which year was Joan of Arc taken prisoner by the English?
Who won the French-England wars?
The French