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Chapter 7 Review Quiz

What system is used to treat the final rinse water used for cleaning?


Bluish or rainbow-type stains are caused by ____ in the water.

iron and silicates

The ideal level of silicates in water used for cleaning is ___ ppm or less.


Purified water should have a ph of ____.

6.5 - 7.5

Tap water should ideally have a chloride concentration of ____ ppm or less.


Water purification usually involves the use of a :

pre- and post-filter

Water that is turbid is:


Water softeners are used to remove ___ in the water.

calcium and magnesium

Deionized water is used for:

heating/cooling therapy units

What can be removed from water when a reverse osmosis process is used?

bacteria, pyrogens, and endotoxins

Multi-enzymatic cleaning products containing lipase are useful for cleaning:


Which of the following kills microorganisms?
A. soaps
B. detergents
C. germicidal detergents
D. enzyme pre-soaks

C. germicidal detergents

The process of pre-cleaning should begin:

immediately after the completiong of an invasive procedure

The main purpose of manual cleaners is to :

remove soil

What technique for brushing instruments should be used?

brushing should be done under water

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