Angol szaknyelv Unit8

US Constitution
adopted on September 17, 1787
27 amendments
oldest federal constitution of any existing nation
Bill of Rights
first 10 amendments of the the US Constitution
prerogative (előjog)
something which some people are able or allowed to do or have, but which is not possible or allowed for everyone
Constitutional conventions (konvenciók)
practises relating to the exercise of their functions by the Crown, the government, Parliament, judiciary
are not legally enforcable
have not been codified into law
can be modified
3 main functions of the government
legislative, executive and judiciary
directive (előírás, követelmény)
is a legislative act of the European Union, which requires member states to achieve a particular result without dictating the means of achieving that result.
to ensure that decisions are taken as close as possible to the people they affect and that action is taken at the level where it is most effective