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Male Reproductive system

the male sex organ for reproduction & urination
sac like pouch that holds each testes and helps regulate temperature for sperm production
two male reproductive glands that produce sperm cells and testerone. contain tubes known as seminiferous tubules
seminiferous tubules
a network of coiled tubes in which sperm are produced-once produced the sperm pass into the epididymis
hollow, muscular balloon-shaped organ that stores urine until it is erected through the body
tube leading from the bladder and through which urine passes out of the body
the last several inches of the large intestine and ends at the anus, stores stool
comma shaped structure on the rear upper surface of each testes where sperm is stored
Vas Deferens
two long thin tubes that function as a passageway for sperm and as a place for sperm storage
prostate gland
a gland that makes a fluid that helps keep sperm alive
Seminal Vesicle
two small glands that secrete a fluid that nourishes and helps the sperm move
Cowper's gland
glands that secrete a clear, lubricating fluid