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Ural Mountains
mountains that separate Europe from Asia
Caucasus Mountains
mountains located in southwest Asia that separate Russia from the Middle East
Mt. Elbrus
highest peak in Russia - 18,510ft.
North European Plain
plain that covers most of Russia
percentage of the population that lives in the southern part of the plain
number of miles of continuous coastline (longest of any country)
Black Sea
warm water outlet to the Mediterranean Sea
Caspian Sea
saltwater lake (largest)
Lake Baical
holds 20% of the world's freshwater
Volga River
4th longest river in Russia; longest in Europe
Lena River
longest river in Russia
mineral resources
Russia has huge reserves of _______.
oil, natural gas, and coal
fuels that Russia has a natural supply of
hydroelectric power
rivers make Russia a leading producer of ____.
amount of land suitable for farming
amount of the world's forested land that is located in Siberia
long, cold winters and short, cool summers
describe Russia's climate.
a vast treeless plain
120 and 250
days per year with snow