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  1. 527 political committees
  2. Patronage
  3. Safe seat
  4. Straight Ticket voting
  5. Divided government
  1. a appointing loyal party members to government positions
  2. b an office that is extremely likely to be won by a particular candidate or political party
  3. c government in which one party controls the presidency while another party controls the Congress
  4. d casting votes only for candidates of one party
  5. e non-profit, unregulated interest groups that focus on specific causes or policy positions and attempt to influence voters

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  1. ballot in which candidates are arranged by office rather than party. Encourages split ticket voting.
  2. Raised hard money limits to $2000; Banned soft money contributions to national political parties
  3. campaign contributions donated directly to candidates
  4. Casting votes for candidates of one's own party and for opposing parties
  5. election of an official directly by the people rather than by an intermediary group such as the Electoral College

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  1. Blanket primaryelection to choose candidates that is open to independents, and in which voters may choose candidates from any one party


  2. Redistrictingredrawing of congressional district boundaries by the party in power of the state legislature


  3. Interest Groupone is not registered with a political party. Independent leaners tend to vote for candidates of one particular party, whereas pure independents have no consistent pattern of party voting


  4. Pluralismtheory that policy making is the result of interest group competition


  5. Swing Statean office that is extremely likely to be won by a particular candidate or political party


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