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  1. Incumbent
  2. Party platform
  3. Free rider problem
  4. Straight Ticket voting
  5. Superdelegate
  1. a casting votes only for candidates of one party
  2. b a list of positions and programs that the party adopts at the national convention. Each position is called a plank.
  3. c the problem faced by interest groups when citizens can reap the benefits of interest group action without actually joining, participating in, or contributing money to such groups
  4. d A delegate to the DNC who is there by virtue of holding an office
  5. e an officeholder who is seeking reelection

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  1. an interest group that raises funds and donates to election campaigns
  2. A state that does not consistently vote either Democratic or Republican in presidential elections
  3. redrawing district lines to favor one party at the expense of the other
  4. reallocation of House seats to the states on the basis of changes in state populations, as determined by the census
  5. appointing loyal party members to government positions

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  1. Litigationterm used by Madison to denote what we now call interest groups


  2. Open Primaryelection in which the people choose candidates for office


  3. Nonpartisan electionselection in which the officeholders are chosen. Contrast with a primary election, in which only the candidates are chosen.


  4. National Voter Registration Bill (Motor Voter Act) 1993Created FEC; Required disclosure of contributions and expenditures; provided limitations on contributions and presidential election expenditures; provided subsidies for presidential candidates


  5. Dealignment argumentcontention that parties are less meaningful to voters, who have abandoned the parties in greater numbers to become independents