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  1. Iron triangle
  2. Soft Money
  3. Blanket primary
  4. Divided government
  5. Amicus curiae brief
  1. a Campaign contributions that are not directly donated to candidates, but are instead donated to parties
  2. b government in which one party controls the presidency while another party controls the Congress
  3. c "friend of the court" brief filed by an interest group to influence a Supreme Court decision
  4. d elections to choose candidates that is open to independents, and that allows voters to choose candidates from all the parties
  5. e an informal association of federal agency, congressional committee, and interest group that is said to have heavy influence over policy making

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  1. reallocation of House seats to the states on the basis of changes in state populations, as determined by the census
  2. Requires states to allow people to register to vote when applying for a driver's license or completing license renewal forms
  3. A state that does not consistently vote either Democratic or Republican in presidential elections
  4. ballot in which candidates are arranged by office rather than party. Encourages split ticket voting.
  5. occurs when a presidential nominee chooses a vice presidential running mate who has different qualities in order to attract more votes for the ticket

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  1. Dealignment argumentelection in which the people choose candidates for office


  2. Hard moneycampaign contributions donated directly to candidates


  3. Suffragethe right to vote


  4. Political Action Committee (PAC)an interest group that raises funds and donates to election campaigns


  5. Interest Groupone is not registered with a political party. Independent leaners tend to vote for candidates of one particular party, whereas pure independents have no consistent pattern of party voting