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what is the importance of john locke and his book second treatise of goverment

influence dec of ind and thomas jefferson

what is the social contract theory

people give up certain rights in order for protection

what is federalism

shared powers between state and national goverment

what is the purpose of the full faith and credit clause

that a law in one state is upheld in other states

what is indictment

a person must be informed of charges against them
(not miranda rights)

what is a confederal goverment

where individual states come together in a time of need

what is an autocract

goverment with complete authority

how long is a term for a senator

6 years

who is the president pro tempore

second in command of the senate takes control from vp when vp is helping executive branch

how does congress check power of the executive branch

can override a presidential veto

what is a conference committee

combination of senate and house working together

what is a jiont committee

similar to a conference committee (both parts of congress act as one)

why do so few bills actually become laws

long process, can be killed, voted by party lines

main requirements for president

35 years old natural born citizens, citizen for 14 years

what is the senates role during impeachment

to judge the trial

what is the HOR role during impeachmetn

to bring up articles of impeachment

what is the job of the national security council

help with military and foreign policy

what was the decision of marbury v madison

judicial review

what are the main points of the partiot act

control communication, tap on devices

what are political action committees

help fund political campaigns

who is the leader of the goverment of jackson county

chair of the county commissioners

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