Chapter 8.7

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Soft Magnetic Materials:Examples and Uses

Eddy Currents

Induced conduction currents flowing in a ferromagnetic material as a result of varying AC magnetic fields

Ideal soft magnetic materials

Has zero coercivity, a very large saturation magnetization, zero remanent magnetization, zero hysteresis loss, and a very large relative and initial relative permeability.

Pure iron, ferrites (both ferrimagnetic)...

Nickel-iron alloys has low coercivity, low hysteresis loss and high permeabilities which are found in high freq work in electronics (audio, wide band transformers), sensitive relays, pulse and wide band transformers, current transformers, magnetic recording heads, magnetic shielding,

Amorphous magnetic metals

Has no crystal structure, possesses no crystalline imperfections such as grain boundaries and dislocations.

They also have magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy, meaning that all directions are easy. Used in various transformer and electric machinery.


Ferrimagnetic materials that are typically oxides of mixed transition metals, one of which is iron. Mn ferrite is MnFe2O4, MgZn ferrite is ZnFe2O4. Ideal for high freq work.


Ferrimagnetic materials used at the highest frequencies that cover the microwave range.

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