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Mound Builders (CH.12)

Mound Builders (CH.12)
Mound Builders
Native American groups who built earthen mounds.
Native American peoples of the southwest.
Cluster of Native American stone or adobe clay.
A round room used by the Pueblo peoples for religious ceremonies.
Great Plains
A mostly flat and grassy region of western North America.
Where did the Mound Builders live
Eastern North America (between Minnesota and Louisiana and between the Mississippi river.
What was the diet of the early Mound Builders
Meat, wild animals, fish and nuts (dear, turkey, and pecans).
How did growing crops help change the life of early people
They did not have to move from place to place they could settle.
Why do you think weapons, tools and other objects were included in the mounds of the Adena
So you could use them in the afterlife.
Why do historians think that Adena may have traded with people who lived far away
Seashells from Florida and copper from the southwest.
Where did the Hopewell live
Ohio and Upper Mississippi.
Why do you think so many early cultures settled along rivers
There was water for crops and drinking.
How did Mississippians live
Along river, built mounds, had large and small communities and grew maize and beans.